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Partnering with an Amazon registered partner

The biggest name in international e-commerce, Amazon, after years of speculation, has finally confirmed that it will launch in South Africa in 2024 effectively throwing a massive boulder in the calm waters of the local market. Collaborating with an Amazon registered specialist agency with over 10 years experience is a huge benefit for both macro and micro retailers.
Partnering with an Amazon registered partner

South Africa is a small marketplace. With an aim to position itself as the knowledge experts by offering traditional marketing and advertising agencies the chance to collaborate with RT7 to help their clients position themselves on Amazon, RT7 is already in direct communication with some of the larger brands in South Africa who see Amazon as a real opportunity. So one-on-one direct interactions with the already strong network in South Africa, mixed with the normal PPC, Amazon South Africa landing page, content specific to the region shared on many platforms, events, and a good PR campaign to get your brand out there.

In the context of Amazon South Africa, being 'ready' would imply the following: you have registered your account (avoided one-account policy issues); dealt with brand registry intricacies; made the Seller vs. Vendor decisions; managed brand ownership issues and have fully optimised your listings and all the content that is needed for that. Also refer to the establishment phase in our brand life-cycle model for more of what it looks like to be Amazon “ready”.

RT7 is a full-service Amazon marketing agency that, over the last ten plus years, has helped brands in the UK, EU, and USA win on Amazon. With over 40 Amazon account specialists based in Cape Town and Johannesburg, with offices in London, Hamburg, and Dallas. RT7 has focussed on the three core areas of Amazon, being Account, Organic, and Paid ensuring a brands products are optimised and perform on the platform.

Managing the expectation, getting to understand the intricacies and complexity of managing a brand on Amazon, budgeting for long term gains (18 months plus before one will see returns), working out fulfilment, and managing stock are just some of the challenges we see. Some of RT7’s clients include Rubik’s, Peugeot, Monty Bojangles, Black+Blum, Lillets, Banz, Tala, Eve sleep, Viners, Haden to name a few.

AI is the buzzword for 2023/4. The technology has had far-reaching consequences across all business sectors, e-commerce included. Whilst not new, AI services have now matured to the point where they are flexible, meet market demands, and have significant commercial viability. Numerous AI applications have appeared within the Amazon environment, from both third parties and Amazon itself. Whether it is researching content, conducting sentiment analysis, optimising advertising, or building listings, AI is now featured in most leading Amazon SaaS tools and in the most sophisticated advertising suites. As a leading Amazon agency, RT7 is continuously evaluating new tools and deploys the best for the benefit of their clients.

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