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Mzanzi Media and Entertainment Fund (MMEF) - A journey of innovation and impact

In May 2023, the Mzanzi Media and Entertainment Fund (MMEF) was launched with a mission to transform South Africa's media and entertainment landscape. Under the expert management of Unum Capital (Pty) Ltd (FSP: 564) and administration by Lifecycle Investment (Pty) Ltd (FSP: 52896), MMEF quickly established itself as a pioneering financial catalyst for the industry. The fund targets a benchmark of Consumer Price Index (CPI) + 500 basis points, reflecting its goal of delivering substantial returns.
Mzanzi Media and Entertainment Fund (MMEF) - A journey of innovation and impact

Strategic focus and early success

MMEF’s strategic focus is on five key revenue streams:

  1. Feature film TV series production: Financing high-quality movies and series for streaming platforms like Netflix and Amazon.
  2. Media buying: Investing in advertising space, both digital and traditional.
  3. Outdoor media: Funding for billboards and other outdoor advertising mediums.
  4. Equipment purchasing: Providing resources for acquiring production and broadcast equipment.
  5. Infrastructure development: Investing in the necessary infrastructure to support media production and distribution.

By July 2023, MMEF made its first public offering, a significant milestone that allowed the fund to attract a broad range of investors. This move was part of a broader strategy to leverage deep industry insights and financial expertise to support and grow high-potential media projects.

Investment achievements

As of May 2024, MMEF has deployed R 43,150,871.92 into the production of TV series, set to premiere on major streaming platforms like Netflix and Amazon. This substantial investment underscores the fund’s commitment to fostering high-quality media content and supporting the growth of South Africa’s entertainment sector.

MMEF's performance has been impressive, with the fund yielding 8.69% in 2023 over just four and a half months and achieving a 7.59% return so far in 2024. For April 2024 alone, the fund reported a yield of 1.77%, demonstrating its consistent performance and robust investment strategy.

Approval by JSE's JPP platform

A pivotal moment in MMEF’s journey was its approval on April 23, 2024, by the JSE's Johannesburg Private Placements (JPP) platform (FSP: 51709). JPP is a strategic extension of the Johannesburg Stock Exchange (JSE), designed to facilitate private placements and connect innovative projects with investors. This approval validates MMEF's strategic vision and opens up new avenues for raising capital, enabling the fund to attract more investments and scale its impact.

Looking ahead

MMEF’s journey from inception to its current status as a high-performing fund is a testament to its strategic focus and the expertise of its management team. The fund not only aims for financial success but also champions inclusivity and sustainability through investments aligned with Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment (BBB-EEE) principles.

As the fund continues to grow and invest in transformative media projects, it remains dedicated to delivering exceptional returns to its investors and contributing to the vibrant cultural fabric of South Africa. The approval by JPP further solidifies MMEF’s position as a key player in the industry, providing a secure and efficient environment for high-value investments

Join the journey

Investors looking to be part of this exciting journey can explore the fund’s latest performance and opportunities through the detailed fund fact sheet available here. For more information or to start the investment process, please contact Unum Capital’s client support team via phone 0113842965 / 0113842963 or email az.oc.munu@troppustneilc or visit the official website

The Mzanzi Media and Entertainment Fund is not just an investment; it’s a gateway to the future of South African media and entertainment.

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