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Carling Black Label set to prove "World's Most Awarded Beer" claim!

South Africa's champion beer brand, Carling Black Label is embarking on a hero’s journey to affirm its status as the "World's Most Awarded Beer," sparked by a tweet from @Sipho_Says. Responding to Sipho's query about Carling Black Label's accolades as Africa’s most awarded beer and whether or not it is also the most awarded in the world, the brand has initiated a fact-finding mission, sending Sipho Muchindu on an expedition to unveil the truth.
Sipho Muchindu
Sipho Muchindu

Accompanied by a team including a photographer and videographer, Sipho will document his discoveries as he traverses various locations, uncovering the prestigious beer accolades that adorn Carling Black Label.

The tweet that ignited it all: [Link to Tweet]:

"We're thrilled by Sipho's curiosity and the opportunity it presents to showcase Carling Black Label's legacy of brewing excellence," says Carling Black Label marketing manager, Candice van den Bosch. "As 'Africa’s most awarded beer,' we hope to prove that we can also command this title on a global scale."

Reflecting on Sipho's role in the campaign, van den Bosch remarks, "Sipho's passion for going on a fact-finding mission and uncovering the truth aligns perfectly with our brand narrative of Effort, Achievement and Reward. We know that it won’t be easy and that it will take hard work but we’re confident that Sipho will emerge victorious and reward himself with an ice-cold Carling Black Label at the end of it."

For decades, Carling Black Label has proudly proclaimed itself as South Africa's most decorated beer, further substantiating its claim as Africa's premier brew, as is evident on its packaging. Now, fortified by extensive global awards data, Carling Black Label confidently asserts its position as the epitome of brewing excellence on a global scale.

With 54 awards and counting spanning from 1990 to 2023, Carling Black Label's trophy cabinet stands as a testament to its unparalleled success.

As Sipho embarks on his mission, consumers are encouraged to follow the hashtag #MostAwardedBeer on social media to stay updated on his journey.

While the specific locations Sipho will visit remain a mystery, consumers can anticipate an engaging and enlightening voyage as he delves into the world of brewing excellence.

For more information and updates on Sipho's fact-finding mission, follow Carling Black Label on social media.

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About Carling Black Label

South African Breweries’ bold investment in Carling Black Label came in 1965 when it obtained the license to sell Carling Black Label in South Africa. By 1966 it was already the national market leader, internationally establishing its champion status early on and setting the standard for beer in South Africa. Carling Black Label’s biggest test came in 1989 when it fell from a high of 33% market share to 1.8% market share. Since that moment and from the upturn in 1990, Carling Black Label has consistently excelled in international competitions. From 1990 to 2023, Carling Black Label has accumulated an impressive collection of 54 local and international awards. The brand's unwavering commitment to quality and innovation has garnered numerous prestigious awards, solidifying its position as an industry trailblazer. Carling Black Label proudly declares itself as the most decorated beer in the country and on the continent, and is on a mission to prove that it too can be recognised on the world’s stage. Whether enjoyed at home, with friends, or at a local tavern, Carling Black Label remains the preferred choice for those seeking unmatched quality and uncompromising refreshment.

About Sipho Muchindu

Sipho Muchindu is a highly skilled and versatile creative professional based in Johannesburg, South Africa. With a passion for storytelling, he excels as a writer, producer, voice-over artist, and creator. As the creative director at Muchindu Media, Sipho leads creative projects and develops innovative concepts, bringing a unique perspective to every endeavour. His wit, humour, and insightful commentary have earned him a strong following on social media.

Sipho's journey in the creative industry began at Vega School of Brand Communications, where he honed his skills in brand strategy and communication. With his educational background and natural talent, he creates compelling content that resonates with audiences. His work reflects his love of travel and adventure, infusing stories with diverse perspectives and global influences.

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