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Bring hope and warmth with WinterHope this June

WinterHope, a respected initiative serving for over 20 years, is back this year with its annual drive to provide winter essentials for those in need. Collaborating with PEN (Pretoria), MES (Johannesburg, Kempton Park, Gqeberha, and Cape Town), His Hands (Durban), and Towers of Hope (Bloemfontein), the campaign aims to help vulnerable communities across South Africa during the cold winter months.
Bring hope and warmth with WinterHope this June

Since its start, WinterHope has gained more and more support from the public, schools, local faith groups, businesses, and the media, establishing itself as a national movement. The main goal remains to lend a hand to vulnerable community members responsibly, ensuring they have what they need to stay warm during winter. This includes clothes, food, blankets, and money.

Thanks to the combined efforts and generosity of individuals and organisations nationwide, WinterHope accomplished remarkable results. Here are the statistics from last year's campaign:

In 2023, WinterHope attained remarkable outcomes due to the collective endeavours and generosity of individuals and organisations nationwide. The statistical summary from the preceding year's campaign is as follows:

  • Blankets: 2,500
  • Black bags of clothes: 286
  • Beanies:1,963
  • Beds utilised for shelter: 3,302
  • Lunch provided: 18,742
  • Food Parcels: 3,800

2024 challenges

As WinterHope begins, we confront several pressing challenges. Amidst South Africa's upcoming election, organisations face uncertainty about the outcome and its potential impact. The current economic instability further compounds these concerns, with the unemployment rate steadily rising.

As of the latest available data, South Africa's unemployment rate stands at approximately 34.9%, reflecting the urgent need for intervention. This backdrop of political and economic uncertainty adds complexity to our efforts to address homelessness.

However, it also underscores the importance of collective action and community support. Despite these challenges, WinterHope remains steadfast in its commitment to providing warmth and assistance to those in need.

By rallying together, we can make a tangible difference in the lives of vulnerable individuals and families across South Africa.

Bring hope and warmth with WinterHope this June

How can you make a difference this year:

As an individual

  • Be the one who drives the WinterHope charity initiative in your community. Start the drive in your home town. Encourage others to become involved and collect food, blankets, beanies, and warm clothes.
  • Monetary contributions, can make a big difference and empower front-facing organisations to bring hope to communities.

As an organisation

  • Become a key organisation that brings change. One of the things that organisations forget is the influence they have on communities. Connect with us and become part of the hope we bring to communities in need.
  • Monetary contributions, can make a big difference and empower front-facing organisations to bring hope to communities.
  • All donations qualify for 18A tax receipts. Please email az.gro.nep@poohretniw for more information on how to qualify for an 18A tax receipt.

As a school

  • As a school, you can organise a donation drive where students collect essential items such as clothing, blankets, and canned goods to support local communities. This provides students with a hands-on opportunity to contribute to their community while fostering empathy and compassion.

The collaboration of organisations, schools, churches, individuals, and the media has empowered WinterHope to create a network of 150 collection points. This ensures that donations are efficiently collected and distributed within the same local communities where they are most needed. The WinterHope partners distribute all the items collected to the communities in need living within the regions they serve.

For more information about the various drop-off points available throughout South Africa, please visit

Your involvement can make a difference and bring hope and warmth to our communities in need this winter.

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Banking details:

Account number: 906 892 5251
Reference: Name, Surname and contact details

For more information:

Anita Botha (Winter Hope Liaison Officer)

Email: az.gro.nep@poohretniw or az.gro.sem@poohretniw

Contact Number: +27 11 725 0001

Website link:

MES (Mould Empower Serve)
MES is a Christian integrated social development organisation that has been changing the heart of the city since 1986 and has been actively working towards providing sustainable solutions to pervasive poverty in the inner cities of Johannesburg, Cape Town, Port Elizabeth and Kempton Park.
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