Walter Pike

Speaker, Commentator & Educator in Advertising, The future of Ad. & Social.
Location:Jozi, South Africa


Walter has decades long experience in advertising, PR, digital marketing and social media both as a practitioner and as an academic.

As a public speaker; Speaks on the future of advertising in the post - broadcast era.

As an activist; works in an intersection of feminism & racism. He has devised an intervention in unpacking whiteness for white people

As an educator; upskilling programs in marketing comms, advertising & social in South, West and East Africa.

Social crisis management consultant & educator.

Ideaorgy founder
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Current employment

PiKE | Social Era Campaigns - http://


B.Com, MBL
Year completed:1994
Education level:Masters
Institution:School of Business Leadership
Location:Pretoria, South Africa
Did Publicis dumping the Cannes Lions come as a surprise to you?

Advertising, branding and marketing has been a part of my life for over 30 years...

By Walter Pike 26 Jun 2017

Outsurance's Father's Day debacle is a wake-up call for business to understand social issues

A few Mother's Days ago Bic insulted women, then there was Helen Zille, Rivers Church, Spur Steakranches, Chris Hart and Penny Sparrow. Last week it was Outsurance's Father's Day ad. The list of social media disasters goes on and on...

By Walter Pike 21 Jun 2017

About the Zika virus, the Olympics and the decreasing importance of audience

Ask yourself what the purpose of the Olympic Games, the World Cup, the English Premier League is. Why do players get paid so much money to play a game? Games are for fun, for exercise, for the sport, aren't they...

By Walter Pike 22 Jul 2016

Only people generating bad publicity say there is no such thing

There is no such thing as bad publicity. That's what people defending bad publicity always say. But it's not true the only publicity that bad publicity is better than is no publicity, good publicity beats it hands down...

By Walter Pike 28 Jun 2016

The real "big idea"

I have become fascinated by the idea of ideas...

By Walter Pike 28 Jun 2016

What a social media crisis did for Hart and the Bank

On 3 January this year, prolific Twitter user Chris Hart went quiet. From May 2009 until then he had tweeted nearly 33,000 times. If he had been writing books instead, he would have written 2,566 pages...

By Walter Pike 23 Feb 2016

[BizTrends 2016] How ideas will spread in 2016

The advertising and marketing problem is one of spreading ideas. The fundamental nature of idea-spreading changes in the social era because the structure of media changes...

By Walter Pike 1 Feb 2016

The gist of The Gathering's 'game changers'

There were many hot topics at the fourth ever #DMGathering, held on Thursday, 11 June in Midrand. This year's conference was themed 'game changers'. Here are a handful of my highlights...

By Walter Pike 15 Jun 2015

The world changed at midnight - marketing, too

The business of marketing is the business of spreading ideas. We may want to spread the idea that people should trust in us, to believe in us...

By Walter Pike 20 May 2015

Do you actually know who the influencers are or is your influencer marketing a joke?

Amanda Sevasti is a well-known commentator on all things digital and a judge at the Bookmark Awards for 2015. She's been sharing her judging experience on Twitter...

By Walter Pike 27 Jan 2015

'Zelda: Don't tug on Superman's cape', and other social media lessons

Zelda la Grange must have thought she was Superwoman when she changed her Twitter profile name to Zelda van Riebeeck and started sounding off...

By Walter Pike 20 Jan 2015

What is the real measure of social media success?

In the early evangelist days of social media, we spoke a lot about 'joining the conversation'. The idea was that social media is word of mouth on steroids...

By Walter Pike 8 Jan 2015

The elephant in the room is Julius

If I had to award a prize for the marketer of the year, that prize would go to Julius Malema and his Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF)...

By Walter Pike 18 Dec 2014

December's #illridewithyou: One of the year's biggest Twitter events

An allegedly mentally deranged man walked into a Lindt store in downtown Sydney on Monday 15 December, and took the patrons hostage. The man happened to be Muslim...

By Walter Pike 17 Dec 2014

Defensive strategy in a game challenger brands are doomed to lose

Although he's spent many years in advertising, Walter Pike doesn't attend ad industry events as frequently as he did before. Here he shares insights from the NAB bites event earlier this year...

By Walter Pike 15 Dec 2014

If you want to grow, go for the marketing swingers, not the followers

All election campaign managers know the importance of targeting the swing voters. The theory is that in any campaign, there's a group of voters who will support one political party or another no matter what...

By Walter Pike 10 Dec 2014

So where did FNB mess up?

Quite honestly I am not going to go down the road of criticising FNB for getting involved in either politics or religion with its "You Can Help" campaign. Although on that subject I have to point out that as a global megatrend there is a strong argument that says that corporates need to involve themselves with social issues. Ask Starbucks what it feels to be on the receiving end of not doing so.

By Walter Pike 1 Feb 2013

General Motors drops Facebook advertising on eave of IPO: Why?

General Motors (GM), the third biggest advertising spender in the US, has announced that it would no longer be allocating any budget to Facebook advertising because paid ads on the site have little impact on consumers' car purchases, according to a GM official. This news has had the web buzzing with wildly differing views. Here's my take.

By Walter Pike 16 May 2012

#bankwars: if this is a case study, what does it illustrate?

I have a slide in my deck which I often pull out when I want to talk about how advertising has lost much of its power. It's a research-based index of the trustworthiness of various professions. There is no surprise that, at the bottom of list, taking pride of place as the least trustworthy of all professions are politicians. Second from the bottom are advertising specialists...

By Walter Pike 28 Feb 2012

#bankwars: Standard Bank tries to do a Frankies

I was speaking at an event on Thursday afternoon, 23 February 2012, about the changing media landscape and the inability of companies to control the conversation, the need to listen and understand the discussion and what is happening in the community, and rather the need to facilitate the discussion. Afterwards, I checked my Twitter stream - and saw the start of the Standard Bank/FNB firestorm. It was almost as if they had done it to help me make my point.

By Walter Pike 24 Feb 2012

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