Theresa Prins is the founder of Revenue Resolutions, a strategic revenue management agency for the hospitality, leisure and property management industries. Prins has over 25 years experience in the hospitality industry and is an expert in revenue optimisation.
The online revolution is cultivating customer confusion

Since OTAs make it difficult to tell the difference between hotel rooms and sectional title ones, guests may be disappointed in what they get for their money. This leads to negative customer experiences and bad reviews for the hotel.

By Theresa Prins 30 Oct 2019

Working with, instead of against Airbnb

Airbnb is in the news again as government looks to apply regulations to the accommodation disruptor...

By Theresa Prins 10 Oct 2019

Drought cancellations: Are you charging cancellation fees?

It appears that most hoteliers in Cape Town are not planning to charge cancellation fees for reservations that are cancelled due to the drought in the Mother City. Is this really the right decision?

By Theresa Prins 15 Feb 2018

Ten steps to create an accurate hotel income budget

There are so many influencing factors to consider when setting a budget. It is a lengthy, but worthwhile exercise. The aim is always to: grow the business, set a realistic budget and get it as accurate as possible.

By Theresa Prins 9 Jan 2018

Can independent hotels afford not to be revenue savvy?

Revenue management, although a well-established discipline in the industry for more than a decade, is a misunderstood, if not entirely absent concept in many hotels...

By Theresa Prins 7 Dec 2017

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