Russell Jarvis

Marketing and Communications Specialist
Location:South Africa


A seasoned marketing and communications specialist, Russell Jarvis started his own consultancy in 2017 after eight years at online travel and FinTech companies. He is based in Cape Town.
Is affiliate marketing entrepreneurship's dark horse? Pro performance marketer David Hart shares his journey

From Zando in fashion to Faithful to Nature in natural foods, there are a bunch of local affiliate programmes with appealing prospects for budding entrepreneurs. Low start-up costs and an increasingly connected world are as good reasons as any to investigate the potential of affiliate marketing to build a viable income...

By Russell Jarvis 13 Sep 2019

When big tech blogs swipe left

Tasked with getting the message out in all the right places, I figured that landing our news in front of your's, TechCrunch's and VentureBeat's would be a piece of cake...

By Russell Jarvis 22 Mar 2016

Don't post memes in the midst of a media storm

To brands who see fit to post memes on their social media pages when their customers' confidence is crumbling around them - stop that...

By Russell Jarvis 13 Nov 2015

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