Pepe Marais

Group chief creative officer at Joe Public Group
Location:South Africa


Pepe Marais is the founding partner and group chief creative officer of brand and communications group Joe Public United. He lives for creativity that deeply connects with people. His passion is to co-create an environment and culture that breed exponential growth, Growthn - the growth of Joe Public United's people, clients and ultimately our country.
#BizTrends2020: 5 ways of being to make 2020 great

South Africa. A nation paralysed by talk, where the majority of problems are a product of our failure to execute...

By Pepe Marais 15 Jan 2020

#BizTrends2019: The year of making love

One of the most sobering marketing tweets of 2018 was by Chris Botha, CEO of The Media Shop...

By Pepe Marais 24 Jan 2019

#BizTrends2018: A short to-do list for the new year

Where does 2018 leave us mere mortals, all analogue by design, in a digital world that is catapulting forward at the speed of light...

By Pepe Marais 8 Jan 2018

[Trends 2015] A purpose-filled future

The more the world feels devoid of meaning, the more people are attracted to brands that display a deeper sense of purpose...

By Pepe Marais 27 Jan 2015

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