Olivier Hannaert

Managing director at Club Med Southern Africa
Location:South Africa


Olivier Hannaert is the MD of Club Med Southern Africa.
#BizTrends2020: The future of the travel agent profession

Digital has changed the face of travel, both making it easier for consumers to plan their own travel experiences and lowering the barriers of entry to the hospitality industry through apps such as Airbnb and Uber. The travel agent, the traditional middleman, has therefore been squeezed from both sides...

By Olivier Hannaert 6 Jan 2020

Sustainable and responsible tourism practice is the travel industry's responsibility

Olivier Hannaert, the MD of Club Med Southern Africa explores the impact of travel on the planet and the environment, and what travel brands can do to ensure their destinations are environmentally sustainable...

By Olivier Hannaert 1 Aug 2019

#BizTrends 2019: 2019, a year to reconnect, revitalise and re-engage

The buzzword for 2018 was conscious travel. People were interested in carbon footprint, contributing to communities and supporting local economies. The buzzword for 2019 is "Transformative Holidays"...

By Olivier Hannaert 21 Jan 2019

#BizTrends2018: Three trends travel suppliers should take note of in 2018

With South Africans having to work even harder for their money, they will likely be a lot more cautious, and deliberate, about what type of travel they will be spending their hard earned money on.

By Olivier Hannaert 23 Jan 2018

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