Odette Faling is the CEO of South Africa's newest online travel agency, After 12 years in ecommerce she has gained deep knowledge in developing partnerships and marketing strategies to help companies grow.
#LockdownLessons: Travelling towards a post-virus world

Odette Faling, CEO at Travelcheck, shares the lessons learned when her 10-month-old online travel agency was hit hard by the Covid-19 travel bans around the world...

By Odette Faling 29 Apr 2020

#BizTrends2020: Data dive - 3 areas of focus for digital companies

When applied correctly and ethically, data is a powerful resource in how businesses target and personalise customer interactions in the digital age...

By Odette Faling 7 Jan 2020

5 trends opening doors for African tech entrepreneurs

Travelcheck CEO, Odette Faling unpacks the trends that underpin Africa's bold digital future and are creating opportunities for entrepreneurs...

By Odette Faling 5 Nov 2019

#TourismMonth: Bleisure is booming - The time for blending business and leisure is now

Like most industries, travel has its fair share of insider expressions and "bleisure" is right up there with "staycation", "babymoon" and "voluntourism" in the trade's glossary of peculiar portmanteaus. Even if the term prompts a few eye rolls from buzzword-loathing individuals, bleisure makes a convincing case for the growing number of business travellers...

By Odette Faling 12 Sep 2019

Keeping up with the iGenners: Reinventing travel for Gen Z

Whether you love or loathe the selfies, the "wokeness" and general thrust of Generation Z culture, the ideas, technologies and resultant change this vibrant populace of our era has ushered in, cannot be overstated...

By Odette Faling 20 Jun 2019

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