Maria Berrios-Carter

Freelance copywriter & creative consultant
Location:South Africa


Maria Berrios-Carter is a senior copywriter at a Cape Town-based marketing agency. She loves the smell of freshly squeezed ideas in the morning and working with people who have a passion for their craft. Email Maria at and connect with her on LinkedIn.

Current employment

Creative Copywriter
Freelance Cape Town -
What came first: the data or the chicken?

Just because digital allows us to react immediately doesn't mean we need to. We don't need digital communications to just fill a space; we need them to be impactful and meaningful...

By Maria Berrios-Carter 16 Mar 2020

Shake it like a Polaroid picture

Teens are turning their backs on digital in favour of something more authentic. A fact backed by the explosive growth in the sales of Polaroid in the 18-25 year market...

By Maria Berrios-Carter 9 Dec 2019

Shopping with tweens

Maria Berrios-Carter writes about what she thinks is a golden marketing opportunity that businesses can implement to target parents shopping with tweens...

By Maria Berrios-Carter 22 Dec 2017

Creative edge

“Taste tomorrow today.” I can just picture the voice-over artist in the dimly lit studio, headphones on, as he delivers the line for the sixth time. This time with more voice and more conviction, while wondering to himself what the hell he's saying...

By Maria Berrios-Carter 1 Mar 2017

Unthink lately?

There is a well-known creative condition called "analysis paralysis". Fuelled by our incessant hunger for information and meaning, we have created a society too focused on the thinking and less so on the doing, overanalysing ourselves into a full stop. And the only way to move passed the stupefying white page staring back at you is to practice the art of Unthink.

By Maria Berrios-Carter 23 Nov 2012

The Birdcage: looking back at ad awards

Creaming the top is always a contentious issue and every year we hear people moan about the unfairness of ad awards, ad nauseam. Mostly from the losers. Which got me thinking. About the contents of my fridge, my looming deadline, where I left my keys and where Loerie judges judge.

By Maria Berrios-Carter 17 Oct 2011

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