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Joseph Neusu is a digital marketer with extensive experience in digital strategy and execution, including social media. He has a great passion for understanding human behaviour and is an expert in neuroscience marketing. He is helping brands in the travel and hospitality industries in Africa get the best results out of their digital strategies. He offers strategy formulation, campaign execution and consultation. He can be reached on 071 811 7753 or
Facebook news feed changes - What now for brands?

Facebook's new newsfeed can mean trouble for brands. Here's what to do to win in the post-news feed update framework...

By Joseph Neusu 23 Jan 2018

In-the-moment-marketing: The lucrative hunting grounds for hoteliers

Let's face it. Traditional marketing methods are increasingly becoming obsolete at the speed of the internet revolution. On the other hand, smart technologies are creating immense opportunities that hotel brands can leverage for more cost-efficient guest acquisition...

By Joseph Neusu 19 Jan 2018

Dove and P&G: two brands that really rock video storytelling

Let me confess, I am in love with Dove and P&G videos and I have repeatedly watched them on YouTube. I love them as a person and a marketer, in that order...

By Joseph Neusu 2 Nov 2016

Authority marketing: the best route to the customers' hearts (and wallets)

Authority is associated with expertise, pragmatic solutions and market leadership. The person who is deemed an expert attracts the attention of customers...

By Joseph Neusu 29 Sep 2016

Unpacking social media video marketing

Video has the capacity to produce exceptional results. It is a seductive format that has great pulling power on human beings. Why? We are visual beings and we rely on moving images to make sense of the world...

By Joseph Neusu 23 Sep 2016

Digital marketing isn't about the tools - the customer still rules

Most marketers and entrepreneurs make the mistake of assuming that devices, websites and apps are the main cornerstone of digital marketing instead of the customers...

By Joseph Neusu 13 Sep 2016

The secret sauce that will make your content marketing sizzible

Sizzibility is an interesting concept coined by a visibility expert I have been following since 2008. Her name is Nancy Marmolejo and she defines sizzibility as content that sizzles and is visible...!

By Joseph Neusu 31 Aug 2016

Good bye marketing! Hello growth hacking

I am currently reading Ryan Holiday's book, Growth Hacker Marketing, alongside other growth hacking resources, about 33 of them in total...

By Joseph Neusu 18 Aug 2016

Mobile is the closest brands can get to SA consumers

The title of my article is borrowed from a quote in the Mobile Rocks AMPS report for 2013...

By Joseph Neusu 22 Apr 2016

The four new mobile moments unpacked

Recent findings published by Google show that there are now four new mobile moments that every brand should be aware of and try to leverage profitably...

By Joseph Neusu 3 Aug 2015

Building a high-performing marketing team

Most modern successful companies have one thing in common - they have put the marketing function at the centre of their business processes...

By Joseph Neusu 13 Jul 2015

Unpacking brand activation for FMCGs

Changes in the power dynamics along the path-to-purchase have introduced a new world order in which customers reign and love flaunting their freedom...

By Joseph Neusu 22 May 2015

How to win in mobile moments

When someone uses his smartphone to search for information about a product or service, he expects to receive an answer that is contextually relevant and satisfies his immediate needs...

By Joseph Neusu 17 Apr 2015

Content marketing lessons from Unilever

Content marketing has now gone mainstream as it features at the nucleus of the marketing mix of all the leading brands...

By Joseph Neusu 1 Apr 2015

The cheese has been moved

The mobile phone is now the most dominant mass media channel in South Africa, having overtaken desktop PCs. Reports show that over 37.2 million in the adult population in the country own a mobile phone...

By Joseph Neusu 19 Feb 2015

Lessons from Coca-Cola's content excellence strategy

Content is the connective thread of all marketing. This might sound like a bold declaration I know but in actual fact, this status quo shouldn't be surprising...

By Joseph Neusu 3 Feb 2015

Unlocking value from customer relationships in 2015

I recently presented a paper titled "Thriving in the Digital Age: Elevated Experiences, Interactions and Analytics" at a conference that focused on how businesses can manage relationships with their customers in the digital era...

By Joseph Neusu 9 Jan 2015

What is the aboutness of your website?

Many company websites suck from a user and search engine point of view. This is because more emphasis is placed on aesthetics than on the website's "aboutness"...

By Joseph Neusu 13 Nov 2014

The power of word-of-mouth marketing

Word-of-mouth marketing is an age old marketing technique that has stood the test of time to remain the most effective form of marketing...

By Joseph Neusu 9 Sep 2014

Emotional branding - The love affair between consumers and brands

I recently carried out a survey of newspaper advertisements, and I was shocked to learn that the majority are solely based on unsentimental logic and product specifications...

By Joseph Neusu 29 Aug 2014

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