Gerhard Jacobs

Digital Copywriter & Journalist
Location:Cape Town, South Africa


Gerhard's first love is writing and communication in all its forms. He has a degree of affection for food, politics, talking loudly and staring at plants.

He currently work as Digital Copywriter & Journalist for GraphicMail, a digital marketing company. He has an innate love for all forms of media and enjoy a marginal obsession with science fiction, hence his love of Eskimos and desolate landscapes. Contact details: website: | Twitter @gjacobs86 | blog
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Pushing social currency to the front of B2C communications

When last did you have the opportunity to network with a room full of like-minded peers? We often find ourselves in situations where we're forced to relate to people who, while not in the same industry, have a substantial amount of value to add to our business.

By Gerhard Jacobs 5 Mar 2014

Behavioural economics in brand marketing: Yay or Nay?

OK, big words...check. Confusing correlation between everyday activity and semi-abstract study...check, but what does it all mean when you look at it from a marketing and branding perspective?

By Gerhard Jacobs 7 Feb 2014

How urbanisation is changing the face of brand marketing

Now, let's start off by saying that in no way, shape or form can brand marketing or urbanisation be painted with a single brush-stroke.

By Gerhard Jacobs 16 Oct 2013

The pitfalls of online demos

So here's the long and short of it: skills and expertise aren't always freely available in our immediate physical environments.

By Gerhard Jacobs 20 Sep 2013

Crowdsourcing and SME development, seriously?

The potential for start-ups and established businesses alike lies in the perspective that is to be gained from crowdsourcing.

By Gerhard Jacobs 29 Aug 2013

How Gmail's new inbox is changing the game for marketers

Email is unlike other forms of mass media in the sense that, even with the privacy settings we have on social media, email remains yours and yours alone.

By Gerhard Jacobs 1 Aug 2013

Brand evolution: How much does real-time consumer engagement influence brand identity?

A brand is only as good as it appears to be, and appearances these days rely a lot, if not exclusively, on customer engagement and insight.

By Gerhard Jacobs 26 Jun 2013

Mailbox: A case of 'if it ain't broke don't fix it'?

So Apple has decided to replace the faithful Orchestra with an entirely new tune altogether. As far as mobile email access goes, it's not always as smooth satiating as one would hope and the new partnership between Steve's legacy and Dropbox aims to smooth over the cracks of past operators.

By Gerhard Jacobs 31 May 2013

The Psychology behind attention-grabbing content

While the pace of modern media shows no sign of slowing, the ability to keep up and, more importantly, stay close to the top of the reading list can easily become a soul-destroying affair. Here are a couple of things to keep in mind when you're looking to write captivating content and external marketing communications.

By Gerhard Jacobs 30 Apr 2013

Take advantage of cloud integrations

Cloud computing has been on a significant rise in recent years, with 39% of small businesses (SMBs) expecting to be using one or more cloud services by 2015.

By Gerhard Jacobs 28 Mar 2013

How 'human' is your marketing?

Consider for a moment the marketing environment in which you operate. Look at the people, your fellow workers, the company in which you're working for. How much of what you do revolves around the people to whom you're marketing?

By Gerhard Jacobs 22 Feb 2013

Digital entrepreneurship, how ESP's can help

As the digital marketing sphere expands there are more and more opportunities for out-of-the-box thinkers to grow their online presence. Some of us consider ourselves creative while others might be great at content marketing; whatever your expertise chances are that you've come across some form of digital marketing.

By Gerhard Jacobs 5 Feb 2013

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