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Having joined the ad industry in London, Chris Brewer spent most of his career in media analysis and planning - but has performed just about every advertising task from Creative to Research.

He's an honorary lifetime member of the Advertising Media Association and regularly advises agencies and clients regarding their media plan costs and strategies. He is also often asked to talk at industry functions.

Email: . Twitter: @brewersapps. Read his blog:
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Current employment

Welcome to the latest Monty Python fiasco

The advertising industry is in big trouble. It seems to be on a suicide mission assisted by those young people with pimples who think they know best but who, in fact, know little about calculating reach and frequency and other analyses and ably assisted of course by our Military Junta...

By Chris Brewer 21 May 2020

Is digital advertising worth all the hype?

I read an article recently where the reporter said, inter alia that, "internet advertising is up by 13% from 2015 to 2016," and it was based on information from a usually credible source...

By Chris Brewer 4 Dec 2017

TV we got right

There's one thing I've been meaning to write about for a long time - a very long time, in fact - and it has to do with an aspect of our broadcasting talents that I've neglected to thank. Yes, ultimately the SABC (who would have thought...

By Chris Brewer 20 Nov 2017

Innuendo and the power of the pen

Very sad that Tiso Blackstar is about to close The Times because it remains unprofitable.

By Chris Brewer 6 Nov 2017

When was the sale lost?

Every now and then I find myself looking at a vehicle that carries no detail about the company the driver works for and what they do - such a wasted opportunity.

By Chris Brewer 23 Oct 2017

Revised Amps data

About two years after the demise of Amps (et al), the Marketing Research Foundation (MRF) has announced the release of an update to the 2015 Amps, data using 2016 population statistics...

By Chris Brewer 9 Oct 2017

Dissatisfaction with local TV services

When I wrote last week about declining audiences and poor customer support in the TV industry, I didn't expect the deluge of sympathetic complaints I received - nor how upset a lot of viewers really are...

By Chris Brewer 26 Sep 2017

Are TV audiences declining?

At first it's hard, if not impossible, to get a grip on TV audiences. It will remain difficult until the industry has some real and solid research to confirm whether it's one way or the other...

By Chris Brewer 18 Sep 2017

Small things can produce massive results

Sometimes, when I'm wandering around I'm absolutely amazed at how many traders get it wrong. With a little thought they could do so much better. It's just mostly simple and obvious things...

By Chris Brewer 28 Aug 2017

Is print media about to curl up its toes and die?

The Audit Bureau of Circulations recently reported that, overall, consumer magazine circulations grew over the past year by just under 3%, which isn't too bad considering that they fell 11.7% in the 4th quarter of 2016 from the same period in 2015...

By Chris Brewer 14 Aug 2017

Beware of knee-jerk reactions

So Prisa (the Public Relations Institute of Southern Africa) is calling for regulation of the PR industry following the Bell Pottinger fiasco...

By Chris Brewer 17 Jul 2017

Removing all incentive

When you think about it, advertising is all about offering incentives...

By Chris Brewer 3 Jul 2017

Do you learn anything at conferences?

I've always thought that conferences and seminars were a little ho-hum. However, I went to one recently and I have to admit that I really did learn a lot...

By Chris Brewer 19 Jun 2017

Another step backwards for the ad industry

I know the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) has come under a lot of flak over the years and perhaps rightly so. However, it seems grossly unfair that they seem to have attracted such massive amounts of bad press for a relatively small proportion of their decisions...

By Chris Brewer 5 Jun 2017

The future of advertising

Everyone's talking about it... falling circulations, viewers flocking to various competitive TV channels and a myriad of online internet offers, streaming options and, oh, there are so many others...

By Chris Brewer 22 May 2017

You are about to be banned!

Of course we all know that the advertising bans of alcohol products is getting closer and closer...

By Chris Brewer 8 May 2017

In 10 years, magazine sales have halved

What does this mean? Well, lots of things, but it's certainly not the catastrophe many would have you believe...

By Chris Brewer 24 Apr 2017

Maybe I worry too much

As we stare down the political abyss brought on by Mr Bumble and wonder what on earth is going to happen next, I began wondering if the advertising industry isn't in a similar position...

By Chris Brewer 3 Apr 2017

The king is dead, long live the king!

Well, the AMPS funeral is over and several concerned bodies are making progress on instituting something with which to replace it...

By Chris Brewer 20 Mar 2017

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