Avukile Mabombo

Group marketing manager at Protea Hotels by Marriott
Location:South Africa


Avukile Mabombo is the group marketing manager of Protea Hotels by Marriott.
The golf addiction - A course in business travel

Business is stressful, and stress is not something you want to flirt with. In a health-conscious world, more and more people are looking for a work-play balance that helps to ease the strain and provide food for the soul at the same time...

By Avukile Mabombo 8 Apr 2019

The new social hubs of urban spaces

We're all aware of the primary functions of hotels: business and leisure accommodation and, depending on the property, meetings and conferences. Lately, though, hotels have adopted a fresh approach to the ways in which they merge seamlessly with their neighbourhoods...

By Avukile Mabombo 28 Jan 2019

#BizTrends2019: Redirecting an economy, a tourism imperative for 2019

Trends in tourism tend to speak towards hot destinations or new patterns of exploration; and, while those are always happening, there's an overarching trend that will influence how South Africans experience travel in 2019...

By Avukile Mabombo 7 Jan 2019

The art of upcycling, recycling and smart hospitality

There are many novel ways in which hotels and restaurants can upcycle, recycle and reduce waste - a theme that can be adopted by businesses as part of a holistic sustainability strategy...

By Avukile Mabombo 13 Sep 2018

The art of storytelling in hotels and other spaces

In marketing, generating a narrative is a complex blend of strategy, goals and voice; what makes it interesting in terms of hotels is that each individual hotel has an additional narrative according to its surroundings...

By Avukile Mabombo 3 Jul 2018

Unique travel experiences for the Muslim tourist in Cape Town

The Mother City is a family-friendly destination with access to prayer spaces, great airport facilities, rich cultural heritage, ease of communication, simple visa requirements and increasing capacity in terms of air connectivity...

By Avukile Mabombo 13 Jun 2018

Five holiday experiences to own in 2018

The world has shrunk. What hasn't shrunk, is our hunger to experience unusual, exotic, exciting places, and that's what's overwhelmingly taking over travel for 2018...

By Avukile Mabombo 24 Jan 2018

#BizTrends2018: Hospitality trends set to dominate 2018

It's that time of year when businesses examine what's forecast for the next year. As competitors in a growing tourism and hospitality market, we need to be driving the trends rather than reacting as late adopters...

By Avukile Mabombo 17 Jan 2018

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