Anice Hassim is the CEO, Founder and majority shareholder of the immedia ecosystem. He is a speaker and educator around digital trends, strategy and marketing, and helps brands better understand and negotiate the digital space. Contact Anice on tel +27 (0)31 566 8000, email him at az.oc.aidemmi@ecina and follow him on Twitter at @anicehassim.
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Navigating the digital sea of change: 3 tips to help your business swim not sink

How ready is your business for digital transformation? If your answer is 'not very', the data shows that you're not alone...

By Anice Hassim, Issued by Fabrik 21 Jan 2021

[Design Indaba 2016] An Indaba dabba doo

I am in town with some of the immedia team to soak up the stimulation from Design Indaba 2016. We have been to many conferences, but this is our very first Design Indaba...

By Anice Hassim 18 Feb 2016

[BizTrends 2016] Heading for a 'privacy apocalypse'

Big data is all the rage, but what does that mean in real terms in 2016 and is it just the tip of the iceberg in terms of the implications for privacy protection and the unchecked harvesting of consumer experiences..?

By Anice Hassim 2 Feb 2016

A culture of curiosity: how to grow, nurture talent in the post-PC generation

We have become disconnected from the "why" of things. Today, everybody seems to be pursuing the making of money and, if we are all trying to produce money, you tend to wonder who is producing anything useful. You can see this attitude at play all over SA as politicians, businessmen and community alike squander precious time and resources that will ill-serve the next generation. But what has this to do with Dev Culture?

By Anice Hassim 30 May 2012

[2012 trends] Your friend is literally the trend

2012 will bring fundamental tectonic shifts to the balance of power in technology choices. Many of these will be driven by the people and for the people - in 2012 the trend, literally, is your friend. Smart enterprise will embrace this change but big business will very quickly have to learn to shut up and listen to what the consumer wants.

By Anice Hassim 19 Jan 2012

Is your digital agency about thought creation or regurgitation?

Are you surrounded by talkers or doers when it comes to getting into the digital space? You may know the type that just sits there pontificating about this that or the other but, when push comes to shove, doesn't deliver the goods. We definitely know them; hell, we've even had to work with them from time to time but it's time to embrace a breath of fresh new digital air...

By Anice Hassim 18 Oct 2011

Steve Jobs: a "ding in the universe" today

A few months ago, I had the privilege of watching a "Steve-note" live, as Steve Jobs introduced iOS 5.0, Lion and iCloud at Apple's WorldWide Developer Conference in San Francisco. As he entered, the room erupted in an outpouring of love as 5000 developers and Apple people paid homage to an icon of our age.

By Anice Hassim 6 Oct 2011

Apple - control freak or protector of the people?

A lot has been said about Apple's desire for control and what has been interpreted by many as an unnecessary exertion of power over its app store. But it boils down to this... if you spent a decade building an ecosystem of trust, a space where consumers could with almost a certainty understand the value (or valet) proposition being offered them, would you allow Adobe, Google or anybody else to say, "Hey, nice ecosystem you built there - we'll have it!"?

By Anice Hassim 8 Jun 2010

[2010 trends] This year heralds the 'Planet of the Apps'

This year will see us become the 'Planet of the Apps', with those addictive little downloads popping up on every screen - including your car dashboard, television and photo frames...

By Anice Hassim 19 Jan 2010

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