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South African stats on social media useage

We're very limited with the statistics available on social media useage in South Africa. 10 Sep 2012

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Why do media buyers/strategists and PR & marketing agencies ignore community media??

Media buyers and PR and marketing agencies seem to ignore community media (TV, radio, Print), even though SAARF stats proves success. 6 Sep 2011

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I feel like a fraud.

Quantity instead quality. words instead of conversations. 13 Jul 2011

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Google Ad's

I would like opinions on the effectiveness of Google ads, with regards to promoting an e-commerce business. 13 May 2011

Engaging the media on the media appeals tribunal matter

As an ordinary citizen (not a media person, nor a high-ranking ANC member) I would like to engage the editor [and the media] on the media appeals tribunal matter, seeing as the editorial [on], for two releases, has gone on about the negative impact this proposed tribunal will have on media freedom. 3 Aug 2010

Government bias media

I read comments and reports from the commercial media and its "credible" senior editors, but cannot help but notice the panic about the new competition which promises to advocate for positive South Africa. 2 Aug 2010

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Freelance journalists - please help!

I need some information about freelancing during the recession please. 9 Mar 2010

Sub Editor's Test

Please advise how I could obtain a copy of the standard sub editor's test for my personal use? 24 Feb 2010

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e-marketing courses

Can anyone suggest a worthwhile e-marketing course that goes beyond the ordinary sending emails and search engine optimisation and deals more with strategy and creativity in e-marketing? 2 Feb 2010

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What do you need to study to become a publisher?

What does publishing entail and what sort of studying is required. 7 Jan 2010

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When is exclusive, exclusive?

This is common on radio and online 12 Aug 2009

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Congrats for a lovely publication. 15 Jul 2009

Good riddance on SABC's Khanyi Mkhonza

I think the SABC or rather Minister of Communications is starting on a right pace. First, the removal of chairwoman, Khanyi Mkhonza is a step in the right direction. 5 Jun 2009

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The future of SA sites

Is the future of South African websites large mass media sites or niche portals? 17 Mar 2009

Calling all subeditors

Need a place where you can vent, discuss grammar and post the latest pic of a homeless apostrophe? 23 Feb 2009

What do you think of online magazines?

Since we are cutting costs and everything is moving online ... what are your views about online magazines? 20 Jan 2009

Farquhar moves back to MarketingWeb...

So, John Farquhar is moving back to MarketingWeb... 31 Oct 2008

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New Marketing Game

Clickr is a new online game that grabs audiences attention and allows corporates to get their message across. 14 Oct 2008

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Favourite website?

what's your fav website? 6 Oct 2008

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Check out my website

I'm working on my website have a look and let me know wat u think. 15 Sep 2008


Anyone notice the SARS e-filing ad running on TV at the moment? Ha ha... efiling is certainly less of a pain-in-the-butt but could they not have chosen a better url? 1 Aug 2008

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What am I doing wrong?

What is wrong with this website? 25 Jul 2008

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Business Day website

Why are they not following the trend and revamping their website? 17 Jul 2008

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Starting salary for a PHP Web Developer?

What is an acceptable industry monthly salary for a newly qualified php web developer without experience? 10 Jul 2008

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Clips with Darren Simpson

I watched clips on tuesday night, the clips were very funny but the presenter Darren Simpson was not at all, he actually made the programme get very dull, evertime it came back to him I wanted to change channels. Now I know he is a meant to be a comedian and all, but as far as presenting goes, get a professional, cos he is niether funny in this, nor good at presenting. 1 May 2008

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BuzzTemple anyone?

Some kind of a new PR firm for social media 4 Apr 2008

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Websites with live video chat

Do you think a website with a live video chat program would improve your direct marketing strategy? 2 Apr 2008

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Does Telkom filter spam?

Help! I'm now dealing with +-20 "viagra" spams - many disturbingly graphic - every time I check my email. Surely Telkom has some responsibility for filtering spam! What can I do? 17 Mar 2008

FNB website

FNB at it again 16 Mar 2008

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