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Can anyone help me find an advertising agency in SA

I am planning to expand out IT Training Business in South Africa. I am interested for some local advertising agencies that can provide leads on CPL basis. Please help me. 4 Aug 2014

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Why can,t over 50,s get work in South Africa?

I want to rectify my problem of not being able to find work as an over 50,s male. 4 Aug 2014

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Industry Experience

Can somebody help explain why companies want people with more than 2 years experience to fill junior positions. 4 Aug 2014

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Social Media Sales

Have we not asked the right questions? Looking for a Social Media Sales Guru. 4 Aug 2014

The changing face of news consumption

Media in South Africa, has never been more tested, what should we be focusing on? 4 Aug 2014

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You need experience to get a job - but a job to get expereicne

A rant and rave about the struggle of graduates 4 Aug 2014

Business Partners and Associates Wanted

Business Partners and Associates Wanted 2 Aug 2014

South African stats on social media useage

We're very limited with the statistics available on social media useage in South Africa. 10 Sep 2012

Clients asking for their deposit back

If not specified in the T&C's, how long does a client have to claim some of their deposit back if they cancel a job? 7 Sep 2012

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Whiteboard scribe Video

whiteboard scribe video's 22 Aug 2012

Has South African marketing become too traditional and insipid?

In example, Nandos has recently launched a new commercial, which have been banned because of "race issues" - but in my views, this is where Nandos marketing is particularly successful - they test boundaries. 7 Jun 2012

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Senior Graphic Designer - where to from here?

After 8 years in the industry the comfort zone is starting to get boring... What's the next best career step? 3 May 2012

Copy Cats Know No Limits

Stiffled creativity in the advertising industry - what's with the copycats? 30 Nov 2011

Companies that dont honour Recruitment Payments

Is there a website/organization where publishing companies can be reported to for non payment of recruitment fees? 4 Nov 2011

Public figures vs. Public interest

The City Press story about Sports and Recreation Minister, Fikile Mbalula's affair and alleged 'love child' 4 Nov 2011

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Where to go from here?

which school Is a good school to study copywriting? 13 Oct 2011

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Will advertising a restaurant on a billboard make financial sense ?

Looking at cost-effective ways to advertise a restaurant. Hence the question - is a billboard cost-effective? 4 Oct 2011

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Damn, some South African "creatives" are flipping lazy!!

Two retailers who compete with each other for customers use the same VO to punt them. 9 Sep 2011

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Why do media buyers/strategists and PR & marketing agencies ignore community media??

Media buyers and PR and marketing agencies seem to ignore community media (TV, radio, Print), even though SAARF stats proves success. 6 Sep 2011

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Looking for advertising agency that does bookings with various airline inflight magazines

Do anyone know of a specific agency in South Africa that can book ads in inflight magazines at various airlines? 20 Jul 2011

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I feel like a fraud.

Quantity instead quality. words instead of conversations. 13 Jul 2011

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Which social media monitoring tool to use??

Any advice on a good monitoring programme? 12 Jul 2011

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To all those job-seekers out there

Reflections from a would-be employer 6 Jul 2011

A country Imagined

Query re: availability of "A Country Imagined" DVD Series, narrated by Johnny Clegg, for purchase? 4 Jul 2011

SEM Starting Salaries

Hi guys Can anybody advise on what the starting salary range is for a Search Engine Marketer (SEO/PPC) who has a relevant online marketing qualification in Gauteng? Even a Social Media Marketer if you have an idea. 21 Jun 2011

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Don't Tell Them - Show Them

I made some time this morning to read through a few blogs and forums on "creativity". 14 Jun 2011

References for TLC Marketing who offer mass rewards

Have you worked with TLC Marketing who offer mass rewards to consumers and what was your experience? 10 Jun 2011

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I would like clarity on the Meaning of an "AFRICAN BLACK LANGUAGE". Particularly used by Recruitment Agencies I find it derogatory and racist. 3 Jun 2011

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Application Design for Mobile?

How to do it? 1 Jun 2011

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