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Consultants or firms to promote a restaurant

Are there any consultants or companies that specialise in marketing / promoting a restaurant ? 28 Jan 2011

Are South African Consumers Really That Timit, Retail Tranference Of Responsibility/Risk

How do you feel about showing your receiot and having security look in your bags.... 14 Sep 2010

Does anyone know how to get a sample retail lease agreement in Cape Town??

I am a student doing a project in which I am looking for a sample lease agreement for Canal Street, Cavendish and Waterfront to see the costs associated with starting a retail store. 13 Jul 2010



there is a company in England who wants to remove the egg from eggshell to a liquid container

can't believe some ideas i mean whats the use of making eggs available in liquid what i like my eggs boiled thats just plain stupid 26 Mar 2009


48 hour Delivery promise is a lie. 12 Dec 2008

Are You A Letting Agent Being Abused By A Property Owner

If You are a Letting Agent and you feel that you got a raw deal from your client, contact me. 18 Sep 2008

The new Coke Zero packaging and branding is a copywork of Pepsi Max.

The new Coke Zero packaging and branding has a lot to talk about.Given the rivalry between these two giants soft drinks manufacturers in the world,Coca Cola LTD & Pepsi,the recent branding and packaging of the Coke Zero soft drink by Coca Cola is nothing else but copywork of Pepsi. 18 Aug 2008

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Does anyone know of Textile/Fabric Design Short and Part-time courses in Cape Town?

Textile/Fabric Design Short and Part-time courses in Cape Town? 9 Jul 2008

The problem with airtime kiosks

Does anyone else find self-serve airtime kiosks maddeningly frustrating? 19 Jun 2008

Genuine Hyundai replacement parts outlet

Has anyone done a survey on the most viable area to open a genuine Hyundai replacement parts outlet in SA? Im looking for info. Tnx 27 Mar 2008

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