Are You A Letting Agent Being Abused By A Property Owner

If You are a Letting Agent and you feel that you got a raw deal from your client, contact me.
The purpose is to call property owners to order who abuse letting agents. Letting agents are often expected to endure abuse from their clients while it is actually them who create the wealth on the properties and they are almost never remunerated for their worth and the value added service they deliver.

This Must Stop. There must be something we can do.

I want to take on property owners by class action in a civil lawsuit for the emotional exploitation of hard working citizens, empedence on career growth and financial exploitation amongst other factors.
Power lies in numbers, if there are agrieved letting agents or former letting agents who were driven out of the property market by the actions of property owners reading this notice, I want to hear from you. You may still get your own back. Please feel free to contact me on 0798901312.

PS: There are no charges or fees involved, you have suffered enough. It's time to fight back!


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