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Learning Liberated Scholarships Programme launched

South Africa's education system is currently facing unprecedented challenges - with an insufficient number of teachers, limited infrastructure, and inadequate resources, the country's youth are struggling to access quality education. In response to these challenges, UCT Online High School offers a solution that is both innovative and accessible, providing high-quality education at an affordable cost.
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Access to education is widely recognised as a basic human right, and the United Nations has set the objective of ensuring “inclusive and equitable quality education and promoting lifelong learning opportunities for all” by 2030. It’s time to think differently about the education model this country needs to provide inclusive and equitable quality education to all.

UCT Online High School stands steadfast by its vision to liberate learning, and understand that this requires determination to dare greatly as it continues to leap into the unknown. We will not fix South Africa’s education system by continuing to do the same things and hoping for a different result. Now is the time for bold action.

With the above in mind, and with the kind and generous support of numerous corporations and sponsors, the ‘UCT Online High School Learning Liberated Scholarship Programme’ has now launched with the purpose to invest in the education of talented and deserving learners across the country from economically-disadvantaged families - who demonstrate academic potential, have tertiary education aspirations, and the intent to make a positive and impactful contribution to our nation.

This scholarship programme has been launched because UCT Online High School believes that these ambitious, intrinsically motivated and responsibly minded young people have the potential to access leading tertiary institutions for further education.

The school’s mission is to make high-quality education affordable and accessible to as many South African children as possible so that we can radically reduce inequality, and unleash South Africa’s potential. In doing so, improving the quality of secondary education so that UCT Online High School learners can thrive as they take the next steps in their academic and professional careers. Whilst UCT Online High School has addressed several critical challenges that have previously prevented scaling high-quality education, many obstacles still stand in the way of all children being able to access this opportunity.

Although UCT Online High School is one of the most affordable private high schools in South Africa, approximately 80% of South Africans still cannot afford the low tuition fees for a high quality secondary education.

UCT Online High School is currently working with these notable corporate and philanthropic partners to join them in empowering the future of South Africa by joining the ‘UCT Online High School Learning Liberated Scholarship Programme’ and in doing so, sponsoring partial scholarships for 500 deserving learners in grades 8-11 across the country, whom might otherwise not have the opportunity to pursue their educational goals.

The Learning Liberated Scholarship programme offers partial scholarships for January 2024 to make education more accessible to a diverse range of learners who may not afford the full tuition. This approach allows for more efficient distribution of financial aid, supporting a larger number of learners with available funds.

Additionally, funding through donations and philanthropy increases support for the programme, as donors can see their tangible impact on multiple learners. Partial scholarships also foster a sense of commitment among recipients to maintain academic performance, leading to higher success rates. Furthermore, this financial assistance helps learners and their families manage rising education costs.

"In a South African context, academic scholarships in partnership with corporate South Africa are not just desirable, but necessary. UCT Online High School represents an educational game-changer - bridging the gap and granting deserving and capable young South Africans the opportunity to access high quality online education. It is a pivotal step we must take now in order to make a profound difference in our society, and for our youth’s future.", says Grant Ruskovich, chief partnerships officer at UCT Online High School.

In order for a scholarship applicant to be considered as a ‘UCT Online High School Learning Liberated Scholarship Programme’ candidate, the following eligibility criteria must be met:

The ‘UCT Online High School Learning Liberated Scholarship Programme’ opens applications on 4 September 2023 and closes on 31 October 2023. All applications will be reviewed for shortlisting by the end of November 2023 with successful recipients notified in early December 2023. These successful recipients will begin their schooling in January 2024 at UCT Online High School.

For more, go to http://uctonlinehighschool.com/scholarships

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