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#YouthMarketing: Brands must communicate authentically

At Primestars we host cinema experiences which educate high school learners through customised film, using memorable influences which teach through edutainment. The tailor-made programmes cover the following areas: matric maths and science, entrepreneurship, career guidance and financial literacy.
Nkosinathi Moshoana
Nkosinathi Moshoana
Our social movement presents a practical, realistic and scalable model of how business can help to affect the ‘learning renaissance’ by contributing to the education of its future leaders, consumers and workforce through technical innovation, exceptional teaching, dynamic interaction and gripping content - making education cool.

The sessions are presented in an educational, yet entertaining manner. Primestars Theatres of Learning are the point of contact when it comes to direct avenues for youth engagement as well as gathering meaningful insights. Through the cinema channel, Primestars connects and creates relationships with over 90 000 youth, linking them with sponsor brands nationally.

In order to engage the youth effectively, brands must communicate authentically with the help of impressive imagery and role models.

For brands to connect and evolve, they need to be interactive, create platforms for, not only brand- customer interaction but also for peer-to-peer engagement. They must educate, entertain and invite target audiences to step out of the ordinary and voice their opinions and preferences.

Youth are driven by the desire to experience the emotion of joy, in the context of connectivity and sharing moments of fun with friends. The cinemas are a space that gives them a sense of belonging and community, it has become the third place where youth gather to share knowledge, interact, learn and grow.

Past engagement with learners at cinemas has indicated that they find this edutainment very stimulating and as a result, concentration and message retention are improved. Participating schools have reported a marked improvement in results of the learners that have attended the programme.

In order to engage the youth effectively, brands must communicate authentically with the help of impressive imagery and role models.

Personal engagement with the youth can offer meaningful research insights to brands that want to engage. It is through dialogue that brands gain the true essence and insights to millennials: who they are, what moves and inspires them and therefore remaining in the forefront of youth culture and trends.

Primestars has fruitful relationships with key leading brands in various industries. As such, the aim is to ensure that our approach to learning and education is explored through interactive cinema spaces – that give a human centric approach, through community and direct engagement.

The market is always seeking new and extraordinary experiences. They feel ‘caged’ when not given the opportunity to experience, express and evolve themselves, especially in their circle of peers. Disrupting and motivating them to get involved will emphasise the opportunity to turn the state of boredom into one of fun, learning, excitement and growth.

Experience, connectivity and community are all important drivers for this generation. Gaining insight to this market allows brands to successfully combine a number of market penetration factors that engage millennials’ interest in participative marketing.

About Nkosinathi Moshoana

Nkosinathi Moshoana is General Manager of Primestars Marketing.

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