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X CEO Linda Yaccarino claims platform will be profitable next year

In a recent interview at Vox Media's Code Conference, Linda Yaccarino, the CEO of X (formerly known as Twitter), addressed several key issues surrounding the platform.
Linda Yaccarino and Elon Musk at MMA Global Possible conference. Source: LinkedIn
Linda Yaccarino and Elon Musk at MMA Global Possible conference. Source: LinkedIn

Yaccarino robustly defended the integrity of X, denying reports that the platform is disbanding its election integrity team. She emphasised that the team is not only intact but is also “robust and growing.”

The CEO also provided a positive outlook for X’s financial future, stating that the platform could become profitable by early 2024. This profitability is expected to be driven by a resurgence of advertisers on the platform.

Yaccarino revealed that “90% of the top 100 advertisers” who had previously left the platform following Elon Musk’s takeover have returned in “the last twelve weeks alone.”

In addition to these developments, Yaccarino also touched upon her experiences working with Elon Musk. She mentioned that she has yet to witness Musk in his “demon mode,” a term coined by Musk’s biographer to describe his highly productive, but empathy-lacking state.

Despite these positive revelations, Yaccarino appeared to struggle when questioned about precise user numbers and the potential for users to pay for services.

The interview offered valuable insights into X’s current strategies and future plans, painting a picture of a platform striving for growth and integrity amidst challenges.

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