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Allegra transforms retail dispensing at Johannesburg Surgical Hospital

Allegra Healthcare Management, a leading South African healthcare software company specialising in innovative solutions for healthcare providers, is delighted to announce a significant milestone. Allegra's ScriptPro cutting-edge dispensing software, has been successfully implemented at the recently established Johannesburg Surgical Hospital.
Allegra transforms retail dispensing at Johannesburg Surgical Hospital

The Johannesburg Surgical Hospital, scheduled to open at the end of September, is positioned to be a beacon of modern healthcare in South Africa. With its commitment to state-of-the-art technology, exceptional patient experiences, and specialised medical expertise, the hospital is poised to redefine the future of healthcare. This advanced facility boasts 150 beds, 13 state-of-the-art theatres, and a team of 36 specialists, all dedicated to providing outstanding private surgical services.

While Allegra ScriptPro currently serves the retail dispensing needs, it does not handle hospital-specific dispensing. Nonetheless, the fact that this pioneering institution has chosen Allegra's software for their retail dispensing requirements underscores Allegra Healthcare Management's reputation as a trusted expert in healthcare software solutions.

About Allegra ScriptPro.

Allegra ScriptPro is a dynamic dispensing software solution designed to revolutionise pharmaceutical care. Its innovative features include:

Efficiency: Allegra ScriptPro streamlines the dispensing process, ensuring quick, efficient, and accurate prescription fulfilment for both patients and pharmacists.

Configuration: Our modular architecture allows for configuration tailored to the specific needs of pharmacies( courier, retail, independent and multi branch), making Allegra ScriptPro adaptable to various pharmacy environments.

Comprehensive management: From centralising stock management to offering a range of financial and procurement management tools, Allegra ScriptPro provides a holistic solution for pharmacies.

Enhanced pharmaceutical care: With the integration of ScriptPro with ClinicPro, Wellscreen®, and VirtualCare™ modules, pharmacies can offer an advanced level of pharmaceutical care to patients.

Adherence support: Allegra ScriptPro encourages medication adherence through scheduling and chronic medication management.

Patient-centric communication: Personalised communication via SMS or email keeps patients informed and engaged in their healthcare.

Allegra Healthcare Management has a proud track record dating back to 2001, with successful implementations across 3,200 pharmacies and clinics in five countries in Southern Africa and Dubai.

Quote from Allegra Healthcare Management product owner Jacobus Smit:

"We are honoured that Johannesburg Surgical Hospital, has chosen Allegra ScriptPro for its retail dispensing needs. Our software embodies efficiency and innovation, aligning perfectly with the hospital's commitment to superior patient care. This partnership underscores our position as industry experts in healthcare software solutions."

About Allegra Healthcare Management:

Allegra Healthcare Management is a leading South African software company specialising in technology solutions for healthcare providers. With a comprehensive suite of software solutions, including ScriptPro, Healthfindr, VirtualCare™, Wellscreen®, ClinicPro, and AllegraConnect, Allegra is dedicated to making healthcare simpler, safer, and more efficient.

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