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    #BehindtheBrandManager: Jerome Adonis helps to create magic with Rémy Martin

    Rémy Martin is a steadfast name in the alcohol industry. With centuries of rich history behind it, the brand looks to promote luxury through its classic cognac taste. Lately, the brand has been doing some exciting campaigns which look to promote collaboration and shared values.
    #BehindtheBrandManager: Jerome Adonis helps to create magic with Rémy Martin

    Jerome Adonis is the marketing manager for Rémy Martin in South Africa. Taking a global brand, keeping it true to its roots, and making it relevant to the South African market is the essence of what he does. There are challenges which come with the job, but he has been successful in making this global brand pertinent to local flavour.

    Here, he gives us more insight into how to successfully manage a global brand locally, and what the future looks like for Rémy Martin:

    What does your job entail, and what does your average work day look like?

    I am responsible for handling the promotion and positioning of my brand in the local market. Rémy Martin is an international brand with years of rich history, and my aim is to keep the essence of the brand consistent with its global roots, but make sure that it is relevant to its South African customers. Overall, my job is to attract new consumers by raising brand awareness through successful marketing campaigns.

    Since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic, the world has changed significantly. My day was traditionally filled with back-to-back meetings with various local and international stakeholders. Now, as technology has taken over, these face-to-face interactions have been replaced by Zoom and Teams meetings.

    What do you love most about working in the marketing space?

    I studied applied mathematics and I landed a job as a supply chain analyst at Sasol. I honestly knew that the environment didn’t fit my personality. I then decided to make a change and go after a career that I felt would make me happy by connecting with people.

    Working in marketing has given me the opportunity to get to know and understand my consumers’ needs. This career path has given me the licence to be creative and push the boundaries. I love It.

    How would you define your brand?

    Rémy Martin has hundreds of years of history, and the brand’s uniqueness and luxury has been celebrated by royalty from around the globe. We provide only the best eaux-de-vie from the finest grapes. Luxury is the word that comes with the name Rémy Martin. It is the epitome of cognac, period!

    What has been your most successful branding campaign to date, and why?

    ‘Team Up for Excellence’ is a global campaign which celebrates collaboration, shared values, and the success it generates. The project launched locally in 2019 in partnership with local ambassador and award-winning beat maker, Rikhado ‘Riky Rick’ Makhado. We wanted to portray the French opulence of Rémy Martin in a way which expresses ‘African luxury’, and felt that teaming up with Riky Rick manifested this idea in the best way.

    I have loved working on this campaign, and it has deeply resonated with the local market. The tagline is 'Behind every individual success is a collective story'. I personally believe in this mandate, as no one gets where they are without a team to help them.

    Rémy Martin has recently teamed up with Grammy-winning artist Usher, could you elaborate more on this campaign?

    The Rémy Martin family is very excited about the new global ‘Team Up’ collaboration between Rémy Martin and Usher. We believe that the magic happens when various people with different talents and ideas collaborate.

    ‘Team Up For Excellence - The Film’ highlights the cultural connection between cognac and American music since 1917 in France, and how the two have been synonymous ever since. Usher narrates a story spanning decades which pays tribute to the multi–cultural connections, celebrated styles and rhythms of the past. From blues to hip hop, swing dancing to breakdancing; Usher and Rémy Martin 1738 Accord Royal travel through decades in France and the US, to honour these cultural figures; both rooted in a shared philosophy of aiming for the stars.

    Usher has said that music and cognac don’t need each other to exist, but they were meant to meet. When they did, they created cultural harmony.

    We are planning to roll out this campaign this year through-the-line with a touch of ‘African luxury’. Watch this space!

    What is the future of branding looking like for Rémy Martin?

    The Rémy Martin symbol is a centaur; a mythological creature which is part human, part animal. The centaur invites us to reveal and combine our talents.

    Our cellar master, distillers, winemakers, tasting committee, and everyone in between works together to instil passion and excellence. This is what our cognac speaks to - a combination of talents coming together. Blending eaux-de-vie is all about assembling ingredients, combining skills, associating qualities and connecting emotions.

    From a key visual point of view, you will always see people collaborating and connecting to create magic. Rémy Martin has, and always will be, about collaboration in order to achieve excellence. This message will continue to be the essence of our brand story.

    What do you think are the most successful channels for getting your brand out there?

    The traditional channels of off - and on - consumption are key in the South African market. The rise of digital and social media has made e-commerce a very important channel for most fast-moving consumer goods brands, especially in the liquor industry.

    What career advice would you give to aspiring marketing and branding professionals?

    Ask questions, be inquisitive and try to gain a meaningful understanding of how the world works. If you have the opportunity to travel, take it. See as much as you can! Show interest in other cultures, learn how to pick up on new trends, and be open-minded about other people's perspective and world view.

    Work hard, and take everything you’ve learned to create something with your own mark fearlessly. Lastly, you need to have passion for what you do. Not every day will be rosy, and it’s only that fire inside you that will carry you through tough times.

    Watch ‘Team Up For Excellence - The Film’

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