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New chairperson for Global Wealth Group

In line with Global Wealth Group's growth strategy, Willem van der Post, a non-executive director of the company, has been appointed chairperson of the Board of directors with effect from 1 September 2021.
Scot Picken and Willem van der Post
Scot Picken and Willem van der Post
Scott Picken will no longer hold the chairperson position and will stay with the company in his capacity as CEO.

Picken believes that van der Post’s presence is necessary to bring the company forward into a new growth phase.

“As we go into the high growth space, it's around working with strategic partners that are often institutional. To do that we need to bring a far more institutional flavour to the Board; with people that have expertise in both high growth companies and scaling,” he says.

Triple growth phase

Picken foresees the Global Wealth Group moving forward into a triple growth phase and predicts that the company’s venture building strategy will need strong leadership from 2021-2026 onwards.

In this regard, van der Post is uniquely suited to take the helm coming from a strong background in exponential technology at Deloitte and venture capitalism with his own firm.

Van der Post is ready to prime the Global Wealth Group for its next stage of growth expansion.

“I am excited at the prospect of directing the Global Wealth Group’s growth prospects. By aligning the company’s systems, business processes, and team structures – the platform and its purpose-driven products are here to stay and represent exponential growth opportunities,” he says.

Appointed to the Global Wealth Group Board in September 2020, van der Post is also a founder of his own firm xTech.Capital and a co-founder of simple.Capital, both companies feature in venture capital, and promote entrepreneurial initiatives on the awareness of societal challenges due to the advancement of technology.

At Deloitte part of his career covered at least nine years at its Centre for the Edge Africa, with a focus on exponential technology, business transformation, and disruptive trends in corporate growth.

His wealth of experience and exposure to technology is fundamental to the chairman role at Global Wealth Group, which is based in the fintech industry.

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