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IT has a crucial role to play in the fight against money laundering

The highly publicised debacle of Angelo Agrizzi and six others, who were recently charged with money-laundering and fraud, has brought these issues into the spotlight in South Africa...

By Anusha Singh 15 Apr 2019

Governance, CX and a tale of data in the insurance industry

Insurance is typically something people resent having to spend money on and is therefore often seen as a grudge purchase...

By Gary Allemann 12 Apr 2019

Startup offers alternative to financing palliative care

Current medical aid models for end-of-life care will pay for costly in-hospital care but won't pay for home-based care...

12 Apr 2019

AI-powered chatbots make buying insurance painless

A global survey from Gartner shows that 40% of companies have deployed artificial intelligence (AI) in some part of their business, up from just 10% four years ago...

8 Apr 2019

Bitcoin on the rise again

After it's staggering rise and subsequent substantial fall, Bitcoin seems to be on the upward trajectory again, with a 20% jump in price in less than an hour on Tuesday.

3 Apr 2019

Crowdfunding: An untapped funding resource for renewable energy

Small and innovative renewable energy projects battle to raise funds through formal channels. One possible solution is to reach out to communities with an interest in those projects to help fund them through crowdfunding initiatives...

By Carey-Anne Jennings and Seshree Govender 1 Apr 2019

Why use the cloud within the accounting space?

As we embrace the challenges of the new financial year, accountants who have been wanting to try new ways of working...

1 Apr 2019

Policy and the potential of mobile money for financial inclusion

Mobile money has changed the face of financial services forever. It has driven significantly greater financial inclusion in emerging markets around the world, positively impacting whole communities and economies...

By Akinwale Goodluck 29 Mar 2019

How payments have impacted the growth of forecourt retail

Advancements made within the card payment technology space have allowed for more seamless card transactions, which in turn has driven the successful expansion of the forecourt retail sector...

By Hymie Marnewick 29 Mar 2019

Africa's guide to sustainable development goals

Africa must digitise its economies, broaden its tax base, prevent further deterioration of fiscal and debt positions, and aim for double-digit growth to achieve the UN 2030 global goals (SDGs), and the AU Agenda 2063...

25 Mar 2019

Interoperability and financial inclusion in Africa

There is still $400m unbanked in Africa, and the goal is to work with the private and financial sector to connect the poor with adequate financial systems...

By Nicci Botha 20 Mar 2019

#SeamlessSA: Strategic partnerships key to seamless payment ecosystem

Strategic partnerships between payment services are crucial in ensuring that the payment ecosystem is seamless...

By Maroefah Smith 15 Mar 2019

Boring bankers vs sexy fintech

A bank is a place that will lend you money if you can prove that you don't need it, the comedian Bob Hope has been quoted as jokingly saying...

By Dalene Sechele-Manana 13 Mar 2019

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