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Conduit hydropower - A shift towards sustainable, alternative energy

Conduit hydropower generation presents a creative option to utilise otherwise wasted energy for generation potential. Hydropower refers to the conversion of energy from flowing water into electricity. Energy found in water conduits is often disregarded as a potential source of electricity, but the country's 278 municipalities and various water-supply utilities all have pressure-dissipating stations in their water distribution systems where hydropower may be generated.
Working with applied researchers from the University of Pretoria, Enterprises University of Pretoria (Enterprises UP) embraces progressive technological innovation that supports the move to curb climate change. In collaboration with key role players, we have successfully completed several studies into conduit hydropower generation, including the completion of prefeasibility studies and have also managed the installation of solutions at specific locations.

A conduit hydropower solution currently being used at Bloemwater. It was launched on 31 March 2015 at Brandkop Reservoir and generates up to 96kW of renewable energy.

We believe that conduit hydropower as a renewable energy solution could assist municipalities and water supply utilities with immediate cost savings and also assist with a mixed power generation model.

Enterprises UP can assist interested municipalities and water supply utilities with the following services:
  • determining the viability and feasibility of building power generation plants in the existing bulk feeder lines and making the generated electricity available for feeding back into electricity grids,
  • investigating and designing new water networks in such a way that the available potential energy, stored in the system as water pressure, can be utilised to generate electricity,
  • creating mediums to generate revenue for municipalities using available resources, and
  • collaborating with organisations which are investing in alternative power generation systems.
Our experts can perform
  • pre- and feasibility studies,
  • technical advisory services,
  • the compilation of implementation plans,
  • measurement and verification plans, developed in compliance with international performance measurement and verification standards, and
  • cost estimations and reports.
The benefits of hydropower generating application cannot be overstated. Our alternative energy service offering not only encourages, but also supports strategic renewable energy initiatives adopted by organisations and municipalities.

For more information on our capabilities around conduit hydropower generation, contact:

Jaco Snyman
Business Manager
Tel: +27 (0)12 420 3416

Mariette de Villiers
Business Developer
Tel: +27 (0)12 434 2636

Visit our website for more information on our wide range of collaborative research and advisory services. For more information on related short courses, browse our selection of Training Solutions.

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