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#BizTrends2024: Why client-centric marketing and being a purpose-led brand are so important

Succeeding in the highly competitive business sector today requires something distinctive from brands wanting to break through the clutter. And in an era when many competitor brands continually relook and redefine their purpose and realign their brand values and messaging in their ongoing search for relevance, deviance from original values are common.
Heather Casey is the head of marketing at Investec Group. Source: Supplied.
Heather Casey is the head of marketing at Investec Group. Source: Supplied.

However, to be truly relevant, brand purpose should be engrained in the company’s DNA; it should be the guiding north star that never wavers, and it is this intersection, between brand purpose and client centricity, where the magic happens.

True client-centricity is when clients’ values, beliefs, needs and wants align with an organisation’s brand and are inextricably linked. To be client-centric means to understand their needs clearly, their life cycle and their aspirations, to market to them effectively. Client-centric marketing must also be purposeful. A brand’s purpose needs to be front and centre of its marketing strategy to ensure resonance.

In fact, purpose should be a key reason why a client is interested in doing business with a brand. Aligned values create the connection.

In 2024, we are likely to see more focus on the intersection of client-centric marketing and brand purpose as it is a powerful strategic approach that goes beyond transactions into impact and the following will become non-negotiable in the world of marketing:

  • Focus – the world is in a chaotic space. It is volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous, often unpleasantly so, and with this likely to continue for some time, organisations need to remain focused to provide clients with the tools, products and services to help them navigate this changing world.
  • Keep it simple – we don’t need more complexity adding to the clutter so businesses need to articulate their brand purpose clearly and simply across all marketing strategies and communications.
  • Beyond the ordinary – with the world in such an unpredictable state, economically and politically, clients are looking for more than just a transaction. They are looking for someone to walk the journey with them and those who can tap into this journey can anticipate what their clients will need even before they know they need it.
  • Authenticity – as businesses aim to attract like-minded clients, human connection remains key. Organisations have to be close to their clients to know what they are going through, and how shifting trends will impact them. Authenticity in brand purpose is a driver of this.

As the technology revolution places the power increasingly in the hands of clients, businesses need to put additional focus on their clients, and especially on maintaining a good customer experience (CX). Moreover, they are realising that they have to be agile and nimble, while still remaining true to their values and purpose.

Humanity must be at the core of business to create true long-term value for all stakeholders and contribute meaningfully to people, communities, and the planet. And it is for this reason that the intersection of client-centric marketing and brand purpose matters. Now more than ever.

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