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The Weekly Update EP:06 Chris Hattingh Breaks Down NHI, The New Bills & Laws Being Passed

The Weekly Update EP:06 Chris Hattingh Breaks Down NHI, The New Bills & Laws Being Passed

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    Five skills to help you connect with your social media audience

    How many times have you heard someone say that Google has the answer? This response has become clichéd but most would argue that this response is true. There is no shortage of content on the internet, and many people are turning to Google (or social media) to answer almost any question piquing their interest or settle an argument.

    Bearing this in mind, the age of information overload has cultivated social media users who are picky and discerning about the content they consume. People no longer want to be spoken to; they want to be spoken with. They want to feel like the exchange of information is a co-creation, not a directive.

    So, as a social media ideator (aka creator), you have your work cut out for you. In the saturated ocean of social media, there are certain questions you will need to ask of yourself and your brand; what skills do you need to thrive, to stand out, and to deliver content which is considered of a higher quality? And how can you make a greater impact on those consuming your content?

    These are the five skills that are used to cultivate and better connect to a social media audience.

    Be a flexible strategist

    Many business and marketing strategies are static; companies keep the same strategy for years without amending it. But social media changes at a rapid rate, algorithms change, socio-economic and political events drastically affect social topics and viewpoints. You need to be fluid in your strategy; expect that it will need to be amended often to suit the consumer’s taste.

    Be analytical

    Social media is about staying on top of the latest trends, with what consumers are interested in, as well as taking an objective look at the insights coming from the date. You will need to consider even the smaller details of what will make your social media goals successful, as well as look at the bigger piece of the social media pie and how you can add value in the greater scheme of things.

    Be proactive

    At work, our social media ideators, need to constantly conceptualise ways to remain top of mind and create the greatest impact. But with so much content and strategy being created for social media, creativity alone is not enough. Be proactive, launch the idea first, create the first post of its kind and take bold action.

    Community management

    Being able to create a space where you can connect with your followers, understand them and support their needs, is very important. As in real life, community management means listening to what consumers have to say, and then cultivating and nurturing those relationships with intention and diligence.

    Be decisive

    Your values, vision and direction need to be clear so that you can attract the right people to your platform. You’re allowed to amend strategies and change your mind, but being decisive is important because if you stand for something, people will stand with you.

    Lastly, as a bonus nugget: Be adaptive. Social media is an ever-changing landscape with a diverse multitude of people. You need to be nimble with your fingers and often adapt and make immediate changes to what you had planned in order to remain relevant and keep thriving!

    About Zubeida Goolam

    With a rich history and culture, Zubeida had an impressive repertoire, spanning over many years at industry giants, before starting and then dominating with her own company Valiant. Valiant incorporates multiple levels of marketing including but not limited to consulting, social media, storytelling and full content creation. With years of experience and a passion for creating, Zubeida now heads up the storytelling team along with co-founder Wayne Flemming, creating online campaigns that both inspire and drive critical engagement.
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