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[BizCareers] Job-hopping and a psychometrist's career options

Should I stay or should I go? We weigh up what looks good on a CV vs career fulfillment, as well as finding career options for a budding psychometrist.

Looking like a job-hopper

I have been in my current job for about three months now. The job is commission-based and I took the job thinking I would be earning far more than I am. My salary is dismal and I have regretted the decision to take the position ever since my first payslip. I would find something else, but the problem is that I first did a series of temp jobs and then I was only at my last job for just over a year. If I leave now, my CV will make me look like I am a job-hopper. Should I just stick it out at my new job? If so, for how long? - Ant

[BizCareers] Job-hopping and a psychometrist's career options
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Hi Ant,

Thank you for your question.

You make a very valid point, however you have to weigh up the pros and cons of both. If the position is in line with your career aspirations and it's a good company with growth potential then yes, I would stick it out. Perhaps speak to your manager and see whether they can come up with a better payment plan for you. If they're a good company they should value your input and appreciate your honesty; they will also not want to lose you if they see you are working hard. To be honest, you are fortunate that you have the option to earn commission as essentially you're writing your own paycheck. If the commission structure is well thought out then, with hard work and dedication. you should really be able to earn what you're looking for.

The first three months in any sales job is very difficult, you are new to the industry and building up your client base, it may take a while before you start earning what you're looking for so hang in there for at least another six months. If after this period you really have tried everything and it just isn't working out, then perhaps you would be better off somewhere else.

If however you feel as though you are not looked after, there is no growth opportunity and the job is really a dead end, then yes, you would be better off looking for alternative employment instead of whiling your time away in a position that really has no future. This is especially true if the commission is structured in such a way that it's impossible for you to earn anything above a certain amount, regardless of the amount of business you bring in.

At the end of the day, although it's extremely important not to look like a job-hopper on your CV, your own emotional happiness and fulfillment is paramount, so as long as you have valid reasons for each company you have left, this shouldn't be held against you.

All the best!

Budding psychometrist

My situation: I am currently an intern with an Honours BA Psychology degree. I have to do the internship to be able to register with the Health Professionals Council of SA as a psychometrist. My internship is currently nearing its end and it's time to move on. However, I have found that all the employment opportunities out there require 3-5 years experience in the field. Seeing I do not have that, I am battling to find employment or even to land an interview. How can I convince people to give me a chance to prove myself, seeing the degrees etc. don't ensure that you'll one day get a job! - Marius

Dear Marius,

At the end of your internship, will you be able to register with the HPCSA? Once you have this you can use it to your advantage on your CV. Perhaps approach corporate companies' HR departments, and let them know that you would be able to conduct psychometric assessments. You could start off in HR and then slowly integrate your experience into this area. You don't necessarily need to apply to a vacancy, but find out the details of the HR manager through LinkedIn or on their website and approach them directly with your proposal. You may need to approach quite a few companies in this regard. Alternatively, there are specific psychometric companies you could approach that may be looking to fill roles. Hang in there, you'll find the right thing.

I hope this helps.

Remember to always love what you do!

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