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Fedhasa calls for input on Cape's energy strategy

In the midst of the rapidly escalating energy crisis, Fedhasa, the Federated Hospitality Association of South Africa, has called upon its members to take immediate action to review the City's energy strategy for a more secure future.
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With businesses finding it increasingly difficult to operate under these challenging circumstances, the City was prompted to release a vital energy strategy aimed at addressing the issue.

Titled 'Our Shared Energy Future: The 2050 Energy Strategy for the City of Cape Town,' this comprehensive plan seeks to establish energy security for the city, alleviating the burden of frequent power outages that have plagued local businesses and residents.

Fedhasa members are strongly urged to meticulously review the strategy and actively contribute their comments.

"Their invaluable feedback will play a crucial role in assisting Cape Town in developing a robust energy system that benefits all in the years to come.
We also encourage them to disseminate this information across their networks, enabling wider participation in this important endeavour,” Fedhasa said in a statement.

Members are encouraged to access the strategy document here.

The deadline for submitting comments and feedback is set for 31 July, 2023.

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