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Prince Mashele on the EFF in South Africa

Prince Mashele on the EFF in South Africa

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    Outa petition calls on CoJ to limit property valuation increases

    Outa is urging property owners in the City of Johannesburg (CoJ) to join its call for the mayor and city manager to limit property valuation increases.
    Source: Andriy Popov ©
    Source: Andriy Popov ©

    Outa wrote to CoJ in June questioning the credibility of the valuation method used in the General Valuation Roll 2023 (GVR2023). It asked that the bills of more than 40,000 ratepayers, who have objected against the city’s valuation of their properties, be suspended until the objection process is finalised.

    Outa, however, has said that it has yet to receive a response.

    “It seems that the city has steamrolled ahead with unreasonable property valuation increases on top of the 2% property rates increase that came into effect in July 2023,” says Julius Kleynhans, Outa’s executive manager for social innovation.

    “This has led to a public outcry, since South African consumers are already under massive financial strain. Property owners in Johannesburg are no exception.”

    According to Outa's extended survey to determine property valuation increases by the city, Joburg residential property values have been increased by an average of 37%.

    'Far from fair'

    “This is way beyond reality and far from fair. Property market specialists have put the average property value increases in Joburg at 9% over the past five years. We need all property owners who have adversely been affected by the city’s valuations to please support this initiative and to sign the petition,” Kleynhans added.

    Outa's petition calls on the mayor and city manager to:

    • Limit all property valuation increases to a maximum of 9%, until the objection, appeal and section 78 request processes have been fairly concluded;
    • Adjust the 2% property rates tariff increase to -2.5% to ensure the city does not receive an overall income exceeding CPI; and
    • Increase the property value rebate on the first R300,000 (was R350,000) to R380,000.

    The organisation indicated that it will aim to submit the petition by the end of August.

    The petition is available here.

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