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BWS - A new dedicated hosting site to complement other solutions

Sign up with BWS and get 20% off your hosting fees. BWS focusses on removing the complexity of doing business online - offering a "one-stop, website-in-a-box solution". The four pillars to our solutions are web hosting, web communications, web development, and web CDN (Content Delivery Network). To provide a richer experience to hosting clients, BWS recently launched a new website ( to fulfill this purpose.

Web communication: In today's always-on, always-informed era, a company needs to have an email and SMS strategy in place. BWS' highly scalable and affordable SMS and email platforms make it easy for businesses to stay in touch with their customers. These communication mediums remain two of the essential communication tools for SMEs.

Web CDN: Deliver content to end-users at high speed through a highly available and globally distributed network of servers. The high-performance CDN, powered by Amazon Web Services (AWS) CloudFront, delivers content (data, videos, applications, and APIs) fast no matter where consumers are based. BWS have a one-click process, taking away all the setup complexities to get customers started. Advanced configuration and customisation options are available for the more specialist custom CDN setups.

Web development: The BWS team has its roots anchored in a strong software development foundation and works with dynamic customers on their exciting and unique development requirements. BWS' customers originate from various industries: real estate, medical, restaurants, financial sector, and the automotive industry. BWS also forms part of the AWS Partner Network and can provide advanced AWS implementations.

Web hosting: BWS enables clients to get their web presence up and running. BWS customers have access to affordable and easy-to-use web hosting solutions tailored to meet their business needs as their company grows. Web hosting packages include domain names (new and existing), storage, email, support, MySQL, FTP, parked and addon domains. Reseller and custom hosting solutions are also available. The new website,, makes this solution a lot more accessible. From hosting selection, registration, getting your site up and running to receiving your first email - BWS will guide you through the whole process!

cPanel, widely seen as the world's best hosting control panel, powers all the BWS hosting solutions. Hosting with BWS offers excellent scalability, improved performance, reduced costs, and it provides disaster recovery options. Additional benefits include free SSL, antivirus scanning, backups and support.

The new hosting microsite contains a newsroom, hosting, domain search and FAQ section. Over time, BWS will build out the tutorial and knowledge base sections to cover a broader range of hosting-related topics.

BWS - A new dedicated hosting site to complement other solutions

As part of our launch, we are giving 20% off all our hosting packages. To qualify, please use the coupon HOSTING20 in the ordering process.

No matter which package you sign up for, BWS is here to guide you every step of the way! For more information regarding BWS Hosting, visit, and feel free to contact us at hcet.duolcswb@ofni if you have any questions.

About Baobab Web Services

Founded in August 2016, BWS is headquartered in Cape Town, South Africa. Since its inception, BWS has been steadily growing in staff complement, the number of customers and the solutions offered to the market. Our customers' loyalty is important to us, and we ensure we have strong relationships with all our clients. We provide our clients with a one-stop, ever-expanding and all-encompassing set of tools to empower their business to be successful with their online presence and communication needs globally.

For additional information, contact:

Juan-Monre' Hannies
Marketing Specialist
Baobab Web Services
Email: hcet.duolcswb@seinnahnauj

BWS - A new dedicated hosting site to complement other solutions

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