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Ayanda Allie throws down some facts!

Ayanda Allie throws down some facts!

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    A comical take on electric vehicle misconceptions

    Comedy goes a long way when it comes to educating people around misconceptions. And when it comes to the electric vehicle (EV), there are many.
    A comical take on electric vehicle misconceptions

    Despite the many benefits to owning and driving an electric car, the topic of electric vehicles is often met with scepticism. The ability to keep the EV charged during periods of load shedding and its higher price point chief among the reasons driving negative perceptions around the EV.

    The eco-friendly electric car comes with many efficiencies and benefits. Among these are fewer maintenance costs and fuel savings, helping to offset the EV’s higher price point that everyone bangs on about. But few people know that.

    There’s no need to stress about charging points either. “There are already 300 public charging points in South Africa,” notes AutoTrader CEO, George Mienie.

    Many of the misconceptions around EVs have to do with limited education. Of those South Africans interested and searching for content on electric cars, activity mostly surrounds fact finding, the search typically for more education on the topic. But there is not much of that around.

    Comedy is an effective tool when it comes to education. And humour can capture the attention of millions.

    Last year, AutoTrader used the Goliath trio to tap into a larger audience. This year comedy was again the chosen method to educate the local audience about EVs.

    For the 2022 annual South African #ElectricCarChallenge, charged by AutoTrader, the talents of social media star and comedian, William Last KRM, were recruited to debunk electric car misconceptions.

    Specific content was designed to unashamedly poke fun at EV drivers, whilst educating South Africans on EV etiquette.

    William Last KRM’s style and special brand of humour and his videos taking the mickey out of EV drivers are a must-see. He’s a hoot… even if you watch with the sound off!

    This funny man’s videos include sneaking power from a friend (you won’t need to if you charge your car overnight like your cell phone), regenerative braking (less about stomping on the brake than about decelerating) and EV charging points (no, EV drivers are not hogging parking spots).

    Then there’s the EV’s g-force – EVs accelerate like jet fighters. Quite the opposite of the sedate, unexciting car it is often perceived to be.

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