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Audi Centre Johannesburg gets an upgrade

Situated in Braamfontein and with a landmark position in view of the Nelson Mandela Bridge, Audi Centre Johannesburg has undergone a substantial upgrade to become a world-class retail facility. Conveniently located in the heart of the city, Audi Centre Johannesburg now offers an integrated and premium Audi experience.
The revamp took approximately 14 months to complete and marks a substantial, multimillion-rand, local investment by Audi – reflecting the brand’s confidence in the South African automotive market. Through this dealership upgrade and investment, the brand is also contributing to the upkeep in the Braamfontein area which has undergone a few recent improvements over the last few years.

The Audi Centre’s newly upgraded showroom still holds true to its roots by keeping with the original building but improving certain structural points to create a standout and more visible presence.

The new format of Audi Centre Johannesburg now perfectly integrates with a dedicated delivery bay where customers can collect their new cars; a larger, full servicing and fitment area which now can accommodate between 30 to 35 cars per day; a private after-sales assessment area for one-on-one interaction between a customer and a service advisor; an Audi Sport featured section on the showroom floor for high-performance vehicles; Audi pre-owned showroom and a digital customer privacy lounge.

The customer privacy lounge, which is new to the Audi brand and follows international inspiration from Berlin and Singapore, combines luxury and high-tech style, featuring a digital configuration screen with which the customer can build his or her dream car in an intimate and comfortable environment.

A premium experience

Every aspect of the revamped centre fits with Audi’s customary blend of innovation and style, to create a premium experience for clients. The new 3D look and feel of the design incorporates green elements – in the air-conditioning and glass used in the building, for example – and allows for natural light flow and beautiful views of the inner Johannesburg city.

November 2018 also marks the 12th year anniversary for the independently-owned Audi Centre Johannesburg. The Dealership is managed directly by dealer principal, Brett Hudson, who is also the franchise business owner. Hudson has a team of around 60 members who form part of the Audi Centre Johannesburg family.

“Our upgraded Audi Centre Johannesburg offers an integrated customer retail experience. We are very proud about our premium presence in Braamfontein and the service and facilities which we can now offer to our clients in and around the inner city of Johannesburg,” says Brett Hudson. Braamfontein is a significant business hub for Johannesburg and we are proud of our contribution in changing and improving the look and feel of the area. We are throwing our weight behind Johannesburg’s reputation as a world-class African city by ensuring that our independent dealership is itself world-class.”

“Audi has chosen to drive progress by strengthening our brand’s presence in Johannesburg. Brett and his team at Audi Centre Johannesburg have done an excellent job in ensuring that the design and execution of their revamped dealership reflects Audi’s commitment to premium quality, technological innovation and excellent customer service.” concludes Trevor Hill, Head of Audi South Africa.

View the gallery of the all-new upgraded Audi centre in Johannesburg.
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Is the center permanently closed? The showroom has been empty since December. Whats the issue?
Posted on 26 Mar 2019 16:01