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User-coaching yoga pants will give you a buzz

When you're practising yoga in a class, there's an instructor who can guide you through each pose. When you're doing it on your own, however, you pretty much just have to hope you're getting it right. That's why Nadi X "smart" yoga pants were created - they're like an instructor that you wear.

Nadi X yoga pants are available in four styles
Designed by Manhattan-based startup Wearable X (which previously brought us the GPS-equipped Navigate jacket), the hand-washable pants feature five woven-in accelerometers and motorized vibrating panels located at the hips, knees and ankles. Power is supplied by a removable battery that is attached behind the left knee, which should be good for about 90 minutes of use per USB-charge.

The system also consists of an iOS app (an Android version is in the works), which verbally and visually guides the user through a library of yoga poses.

Using Bluetooth Low Energy, the accelerometers transmit data to that app. It analyzes the combined orientations of the accelerometers to determine which pose the user is currently holding, and then responds by selectively activating the vibrating panels, letting the user know which muscles they should be concentrating on using.

Designing the future of self-adapting sportswear using bacteria

Puma and MIT Design Lab have been collaborating on a research project that looks at how bacteria can be used within sportswear design to improve performance and sustainability...

By Lauren Hartzenberg 5 Jun 2018

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