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Sasol joins recycling in forecourts

Sasol is to establish recycling areas at its forecourts, with the pilot starting in Gauteng at Sasol Ferndale and a national rollout over a period of 12-18 months thereafter. The project is in partnership with Petco, a company established with the specific objective of promoting and improving waste management and recycling.
“With this project we aim to educate the public on the benefits of recycling, about waste management and establishing the positive long-term effects of recycling,” said Adolf Fourie, national convenience manager of Sasol Oil.

“People are generally indifferent about waste. It is commonplace to find rubbish being flung out of moving vehicles, whilst pedestrians are more likely to throw rubbish on the streets. Vast amounts of waste that is created is only usually noticed or brought to people's attention when it is not collected or disposed of by waste collectors” added Fourie

This is also the goal of the new National Waste Management Strategy currently under development and it has obvious benefits - less land wasted on landfills, less strain on natural resources and a cleaner, more hygienic and more attractive environment.

Fourie emphasises that the bigger picture is that recycling is a national issue. “We need to start recognising the benefits of recycling, such as a better quality of life, cleaner communities and direct job creation in the recycling industry, among others. Our objective is to educate people about the positives of recycling and raise more awareness about making use of recycling bins provided at our forecourts.”
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