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World sports betting: The biggest sport bets in history

Big sporting events draw a crowd, some just for the love of the game as a loyal fan, others for sports betting purposes. This article will share some of the biggest sports bets in history, the sports bet wins that is.
Horse racing sports betting - 2009 Kentucky Derby winner “Mine That Bird” 50-1

We’ll start with arguably the most popularly bet on sport, at least historically. The Kentucky Derby is a yearly event held in Louisville, Kentucky, USA since the 1800s. The track is 2km long with a maximum of 20 racers (jockeys and their horses) for your bets to be placed on.

In 2009 a horse with the odds firmly stacked against him, as a gelding, his bloodline, his 50-1 odds and the fact that his name doesn’t exactly inspire much of anything. “Mine that Bird” won the 2009 Kentucky Derby, even to the sports announcer’s surprise in the clip below.

The owner bought Mine that Bird for $9,500 and made over $2.2 million in earnings. Whether you call it a good investment or a well-placed bet, the odds can always work in your favour; with a bit of luck.

Soccer sports betting – 2010 African Cup of Nations

During this African Cup of Nations Mali played the host of the tournament, Angola. With only eleven minutes to go, a hopeful sports betting man in Britain placed a £5 pound bet on Mali to come back from a four-goal deficit. The teams ended tied at 4-4 and one sports betting Brit went home with £5 000 for betting that Mali could score four goals and tie the game at odds of 100/1. This is what sports betting is all about, especially when it comes to soccer and those last minute goal deficit bets.

A student placed an entire year’s student loan on Mali to win (£4 400) which looked like a great way to go when Angola led 4-0, but just 11 minutes can change everything. Win, lose or draw; we love it.

Tennis sports betting – Nicholas Newlife: Bittersweet winnings

Nicholas Newlife placed a long-term bet that Roger Federer would win 14 Grand Slam titles before 2020 with odds of 66-1. Federer managed to meet this Newlife’s betting criteria by June 7th of 2009, a whole 11 years “early”. Tragically, Newlife died before he could collect his €18,500 winnings.

Newlife, much like his name, hadn’t forgotten about his bet. His will stipulated that the winnings of his tennis bet be donated to Oxfam International, a charity fighting poverty globally. This is a story of when sports betting may be bittersweet but can also do a lot of good in the world.

Rugby sports betting – All Blacks break the bank 2015 Rugby World Cup bet

The biggest sporting bet in New Zealand’s history was placed on the All Blacks to win the 2015 Rugby World Cup. The anonymous punter waited overnight for his bank transfer to clear then placed his $400,000 bet. As we know the All Blacks did win the 2015 Rugby World Cup and as they were favoured to win the punter still made $140,000 from his investment. Even when the odds are stacked against you in the world of sports betting, the chance to win is always still there.

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