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New Van Coke Kartel album track list announced

The track list for the new Van Coke Kartel album, "Wie's Bang", the band's fourth which will be released by Supra Familias at the end of November, 2011, has been announced. The album art was designed by Merwe Marchand le Roux.
The track list and Van Coke Kartel's descriptions is as follows:

Dis 'N Land

We borrowed the first line of the chorus from Carike Keuzenkamp's classic song, "Dis 'n land van kleure en klank." This is our land.

Nou Of Nooit

This is a hard-rock tune with a bit of a punk influence and is Francois' favourite song on the album. Jason's drums pound from beginning to end, in the same vein as Dave Grohl in his Nirvana days. The songs asks if there is anything pure left in the world.

Dankie, Ek Is Veilig Hier

This is a mellow song that just works. It is about money and the lack of it. This song is one of our favourites.

Vir Almal

This is one of the heaviest songs on "Wie's Bang" and the second song that Van Coke Kartel wrote as the new unit. Vir Almal was produced by Peach van Pletzen at B Sharp Studios. This track is hard driving and aggressive with fiery vocals by Francois.
Vir Almal is available as a free download from www.vancokekartel.com and was dowloaded 7000 times within the first 24 hours.

Tot Die Son Uitkom

This is our first real rock ballad. Jedd came up with a classic mellow guitar riff. In one afternoon Francois and Jedd composed what will probably become one of our strongest singles ever. Imagine Stairway to Heaven meets Afrikaans.

Einde Van Die Wêreld

We spent the most time working on this track in pre-production. It went through various phases before we reached the final version. It is one of the less hard rock tunes on the album with a catchy chorus: "Dit sal altyd die einde wees, die einde van die wêreld wees." It has a very eerie vibe about it and with those lyrics it has a very apocalyptic feel to it.


Francois wrote this song after a comment on Mahala that said it would be better if he was dead. This is not really a death threat, but definitely something to think about.

Moenie Dink Nie

"Moenie dink nie, moet ook nie te veel nuus kyk nie." ("Don't think; don't watch too much news either.") This is our sarcastic outlook at the current situation in our country and the end times.


Nevermind has a folky flavour. All our friends from Bellville (aKing, Die Heuwels Fantasties and Fokofpolisiekar) sing along on this track.

Chaos (featuring Jack Parow)

This song is about how chaotic the world seems at the moment. Jack raps in the verses and the middle part.

Brein Verloor

This is a new-age grunge song. It is the simplest track ever, with a hook in the chorus: "Ek wil my brein verloor."("I want to lose my mind.")

Wie's Bang

This is the first song we wrote together as the "new and official four-piece". Before this album, Francois and Wynand wrote all the tracks. As the title track it captures the overall theme of the album: The end of the world is near. The universal phenomenon around 21-12-12 ended up influencing a lot of Francois' lyrics.

Volgens Getuies

This song is about the fact that everyone is connected and influenced by technology.

Siener (with Zebra and Giraffe)

This was going to be our first original English track, but after various attempts we decided to stick with what we know and do best. We did the Haal Asem Kwagga Tour with Zebra & Giraffe and we decided to give Greg Carlin a crack at adding the English lyrics. Eventually, all the members of both bands gave input and it turned out to be a very nice mix of Van Coke Kartel and Zebra & Giraffe's sounds. We have always wanted to write about Siener van Rensburg. This is where the title comes from.

Only 12 tracks will feature on "Wie's Bang". Two of the tracks, together with other exclusive Van Coke Kartel content, will be made available on www.airbornemusic.com/vancokekartel. Van Coke Kartel's content will be available from this link in mid-November. Once the album is out, fans can join Airborne to get access to exclusive content.
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