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Whatsapp releases powerful new features for brands

Whatsapp has become an increasingly exciting prospect for marketers to have one-on-one conversations at scale with interested customers. Not only is it more convenient for people to engage on their mobile phones, it is also able to better cater to the unique needs of both brands and consumers.


All of the new Whatsapp features are available on

1. Push button menus

Whatsapp’s recent releases of all new call to action buttons further highlight just how easily user journeys can flow on Whatsapp, with up to ten buttons now being able to be used to gain insight from consumers. This means that complicated journeys which would have typically been handled by call centres or even USSD lines can now be brought into 2021, offering the customer the ability to reply quickly at the touch of a button. This can be used for surveys or quizzes, lead warming, segmentation and much more.

Whatsapp releases powerful new features for brands

2. List menus

Another new feature is Whatsapp’s menu functionality. This means that brands can house far more content in a mini microsite – housing anything from terms and conditions to more information about the brand. Precious real estate indeed which customers can quickly reference without having to click out of Whatsapp.

Whatsapp releases powerful new features for brands

3. Dynamic content

One of the most powerful features is the ability to facilitate dynamic PDFs and documents. This means that whether you are issuing a balance statement, certificates or contracts, you can do this at scale on the Whatsapp platform. This means hyper personalised, high value and transactional communication is well within reach of brands.

Whatsapp releases powerful new features for brands

4. Connect Whatsapp to your inhouse platforms

As API access can be tricky to get right, our Buildabot team have developed an intuitive interface which requires no coding to develop sophisticated user journeys which leverage all the very best of Whatsapp’s new functionality. This means we have been able to help brands facilitate major till slip competitions, innovative facial recognition campaigns, a till slip mechanic to prove purchase and much, much more.

To see all of this functionality brought to life, you can access the demo below on your mobile phone to get started.


Click this link on your mobile:


Whatsapp releases powerful new features for brands

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