Loeries Creative Week Durban

Time for Migrate

The eleventh edition of Migrate, the creative publication published by The Loerie Awards, is out now. The edition includes the works of award winning individuals such as London author Nicola Barker (Booker Prize shortlist and winner of the Impac Dublin Literary Award), Akinori Oishi from Japan (who designed the cover) and Boris Hoppek (a German artist who grew up in a hippy community and is currently exhibiting in Tokyo).
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Additional contributors include Aryan Kaganoff, Peri van Papendorp, Clive Stewart, Color Blok Inc, Kim Holtermand, Jeremyville, Jon Burgerman, Marcus Oakley, Jane Yang, Foon Foono, Melissa Haslam, Motomichi Naskamura, David Prior, Animal Farm, Quian Quian, Rory Kurtz, Will Scobie, Ryan Hurley, Jamie Mietz, Alexi McCarthy, Tando Silimela, Kate Desmarais, Cassandra Johnson and Jaques Durant.

"The pages are filled with big ideas and big contributors and it definitely lives up to any 2010 expectations," comments Roanna Williams, creative director of Migrate.

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