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Choosing the best printing, branding and signage company near you

Five things to consider.

You know your branding and signage are your business's most powerful marketing tools. Just as important is making sure you choose the best printing, branding and signage company near you, that will deliver high-quality, innovative and cost-efficient signage solutions on time, every time.

Here are five things to look for when you need to choose the best printing, branding and signage company near you. They should:

  • Have an excellent reputation
  • Be a one-stop shop, from design to installation
  • Offer customised solutions
  • Have outstanding customer service.

1. Reputation

Choose a printing, branding and signage company with an excellent reputation and proven track record of service and quality. Take a look at their previous clients and the branding and signage solutions they've created for them. The prominence of the brands they've worked with says a lot about the quality of their work. Don't hesitate to contact previous clients or read referrals about them online.

2. One-stop shop

Save time, money and hassles by using a one-stop printing, branding and signage company that can offer the full range of services from graphic design to printing, installation, removal, electrical wiring and maintenance. It's especially valuable to have an in-house graphic designer who is knowledgeable on printing specifications and who works closely with the printing team to create designs in the right format that will really make your brand pop.

3. Customised solutions

The best printing, branding and signage companies can create customised solutions to bring your unique brand vision to life. They would be able to advise you on the best printing options to suit your needs and budget, and stock or source a vast range of versatile materials, sizes, finishes, processes and product options.

4. Reliable customer service

From the first hello to post-project follow-ups, choose a printing, branding and signage company that offers exceptional and reliable customer service, every time. Your first contact with a company will give you an idea of their professionalism, work ethic and whether they're serious about helping your business succeed. Do they understand your needs, can they provide fast and efficient service within your timelines, and are they flexible in terms of your budget?

5. Quality and capacity

Ultimately you want high-quality printing, branding and signage that shows the world you mean business, delivered on time. Choose a service provider that has the capacity to deliver exceptional service and products thanks to cutting-edge technology, printers and the expertise of a dedicated team working around the clock.

Choose GL events, the best printing, branding and signage near you

GL events is a trusted printing, branding and signage company, providing exceptional, efficient and cost-effective solutions across South Africa to suit your needs and budget. We combine cutting-edge technology with 18 years of in-house graphic design, signage and printing expertise to bring you consistent high-quality, innovative designs.

Choose from our vast and diverse product portfolio or contact one of our professional consultants for a tailor-made branding, printing and signage solution. We ensure that deadlines are met, stay within budget and ultimately, deliver a professional service. Contact us on moc.stneve-lg@az.ofni.

GL events South Africa
GL events South Africa is a worldwide provider of integrated solutions and services for the events industry, operating across the three main event industry segments.

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