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Award winning business leader launched book on African leadership

The book, 'Rumble in the Jungle - Leadership from an African Perspective' was launched at the Gauteng Youth Safety Summit yesterday, 25 February 2015. Its author, globally renowned business leader and telecommunications executive, Norman Moyo also delivered a paper on 'Youth Leadership from an African perspective'.
Norman Moyo
Norman Moyo

The book was inspired by an observation on the impact made by the right people in leadership positions - people who wholly subscribe to servant leadership rather than self-serving leadership. The book therefore looks at principles and values, among other things, that need to be consistently applied in leadership positions to ensure excellence.

Drawing from his own experience and further observations Moyo believes that change can be brought about by a "few good people", who are focused and passionate about the advancement of the African continent.

"I experienced first-hand how a few good people have come together and brought positive transformation to businesses, creating excellent shareholder value, money for the community, and income for the employees and government. I am convinced that finding the right leaders in communities, societies, companies and countries is the fundamental difference between prosperity and poverty.

"It's the difference between greatness and mediocrity, and the difference between successful and failed states. By making different choices in leadership and putting the right people in the right places, we can lead this continent to achieve its full and glorious potential for the next generation - not the next election," concludes Moyo.

The book can be found at selected bookstores and on

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