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Momentum Insure unveils revolutionary Safety Returns programme

Momentum Insure has launched a new rewards programme designed to incentivise its clients for demonstrating safety behaviour. The Safety Returns programme offers clients up to 30% cash back on their paid premiums every year, regardless of whether they claim or not. To earn rewards, clients need to engage with the various safety-focused features included in the Momentum Safety Returns App, all of which are designed to help keep them safe, no matter where they are within South Africa.
Momentum Insure unveils revolutionary Safety Returns programme

Earning rewards with Safety Returns is easy, with clients earning points through a variety of activities, including completing the Safety Score questionnaire using the Safety Alert panic button feature, additionally, clients can also earn points by achieving Safe DayzTM through their driving behaviour and by using other Momentum Insure features available on the Momentum App.

Once clients join the Momentum Insure family, they need to download and register their profile on the Momentum App, and register for Safety Returns to access the Safety Returns dashboard which provides a detailed breakdown of their current progress towards earning cashback bonuses, including the number of points earned, bonus percentages, and the number of points required to reach the next bonus level. All Momentum Insure car and home clients are eligible to register for Safety Returns via the Momentum App at no additional cost.

“As a brand that is anchored in safety, the safety of our clients is at the core of everything we do. We go beyond keeping our clients safe by making them feel safe. The Momentum Insure Safety Returns programme is an innovative way to reward clients for prioritising their safety and ensuring they can enjoy peace of mind and financial rewards. This is one way of making our proposition tangible to our clients. Our clients can earn up to 30% cash back on their paid premiums each year, even if they claim.” said Dipesh Radia, chief commercial officer of Momentum Insure.

We’re making safety truly rewarding.
Existing Multiply Premier customers with active Momentum Insure car and/or home policies will continue to receive a Safety Bonus but will not be eligible to participate in the Safety Returns program during 2023.

Join Momentum Insure car and home insurance today and register for Safety Returns to start earning rewards.

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