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Jive's 'We Mos All Family' frenzy hits Western Cape

Jive's latest campaign, 'We Mos All Family' has taken the Western Cape by storm.
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Image supplied

And the reason for this craze? Well, Jive has introduced a limited edition of bottles that feature popular nicknames of the diverse and culturally rich region. It's no wonder everyone is talking about it.

Jive has always been a brand that has been synonymous with the community of Cape Town. With humble beginnings in the city, the brand has always been an integral part of every major occasion in the Western Cape. And this summer, Jive has taken it to another level with their 'We Mos All Family' campaign. This campaign has further established Jive as the go-to drink for locals, as it recognises and celebrates the local culture in its hometown.

The best part? You can join the fun too! Get your hands on a Jive bottle, look for your nickname, and let the adventure begin - one bottle at a time. And who knows, you might just spot your own nickname on a Jive bottle!

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