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The 2024 Elections Broken Down with Mike Sham

The 2024 Elections Broken Down with Mike Sham

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    Woodlands Dairy's First Choice launches flavoured custard

    Woodlands Dairy's First Choice has launched an on-the-go flavoured custard treat for any occasion. With flavours such as Chocolate, Candy Floss, Cream Soda, and Coco Pine, these convenient 200g pockets of deliciousness are sure to bring happiness to the hearts and mouths of Mzansi.

    Marilee Jansen van Nieuwenhuizen, brand manager at Woodlands Dairy and First Choice, highlights that while traditional custard has a vanilla flavour, they identified an opportunity to expand their offering to the market.

    Woodlands Dairy's First Choice launches flavoured custard
    Woodlands Dairy's First Choice launches flavoured custard

    “We understand the importance of making snack time a fun and enjoyable experience for everyone, especially for our kids, so we created a range of on-the-go custard packs that are not only delicious, rich, and creamy, but also easy to enjoy until the very last drop. It’s not too thick or too thin – just the right consistency. The packaging matches the colour of the flavoured custards, so everyone can choose their favourite burst of colours and delectable flavours.”

    Drawing from the knowledge gained through flavoured milk and kids' yogurt, they carefully assessed the preferred flavour variations. “Instead of selecting the conventional strawberry flavour as the ‘pink addition’, we opted for the delightful choice of Candy Floss. This decision was driven by its great taste and the universal appeal it holds for kids of all ages. By embracing this unique flavour, we hope to captivate taste buds and bring joy to a wide range of young palates,” she explains.

    Conveniently shaped and compact size

    Introducing the 200g Tetra Fino Aseptic 200g pillow-shaped packet, reportedly a first-of-its-kind innovation in South Africa, the packaging size strikes the perfect balance—neither too much nor too little. Its convenient shape and compact size make it versatile, effortlessly fitting into various spaces, be it pockets, handbags, lunchboxes, pencil cases, or backpacks.

    Van Nieuwenhuizen adds that although it is primarily intended as a snack or treat, it is best savoured straight from the pack, offering the added advantage of dairy nutrition. “Whether packed in lunchboxes, enjoyed on-the-go, utilised as party pack fillers for birthday celebrations, or indulged in when craving something sweet, it proves to be an all-round companion. Its versatility extends further as it complements both hot and cold desserts and is ideal for hiking and camping adventures.”

    Woodlands Dairy's First Choice launches flavoured custard
    Woodlands Dairy's First Choice launches flavoured custard

    The packaging features vibrant characters with irresistible charm.

    “These delightful visuals are bound to capture attention and make the product stand out. In addition, a comprehensive marketing strategy has been devised. The product will receive robust support on social media, featuring appealing consumer merchandise giveaways. Moreover, an engaging product campaign will be launched, incorporating in-store tastings, radio promotions, and advertisements, with enticing prizes that cater to both young and old. This multifaceted approach aims to generate excitement and ensure widespread appeal and buy-in for the product,” she says.

    According to Marisa Maccaferri, marketing executive at Woodlands Dairy and First Choice, they aim to address the environmental impact of farming methods and encourage ethical practices on farms through their sustainable dairy farming initiative.

    “By purchasing First Choice Flavoured Custard, made with milk from our South African farmers, we provide dairy farmers with the opportunity to sustain their communities and expand their operations. In the bigger picture, we’ve aligned our extensive sustainability initiatives with the objectives of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and cover three categories including Environment, Social and Governance in our sustainability programme. Visit our Sustainability Hub for more info on what else we do,” she concludes.

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