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Lifestyle gets a makeover

With the aim to stay current and lead innovation within its category, Lifestyle pantyliner brand has undergone a makeover.
"The repackaging of the brand is aimed at aligning the range with the recently launched Secrets pack, which has done exceptionally well in the market," comments Amanda Dlamini, Brand Manager of Lifestyle. "Yet one of the most important reasons for the change is to ensure that the brand is in line with CPA - Consumer Protection Act requirements."

The new look Lifestyle ranges feature a minimalistic yet striking appearance, with vibrant hues and distinctive design elements aimed to ensure that the brand stands out on the shelves while communicating its unique selling points (USPs).

Some of those USPs improvements include the SecureFit™ technology - an improved design for better protection, enhanced comfort and security, as well as a new symbol for odour elimination on the brand's packaging. The only range which showcases a slight differentiaon on its packaging is Lifestyle's recently launched FreshSense range, which features Absormagic (a patented Odour-Eliminating ingredient), with an Aloe & Chamomile top-sheet.

"We are very proud of the product improvements which the Lifestyle team has achieved, as well as the design work that's been done by our design agency Sainsbury on modernising the look of our liners," remarks Dlamini. "One of the most important aspects of being a market leader is staying fresh and current, and I believe we have achieved this whilst still making the brand recognisable to its trendy, current and discerning consumers."
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