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Food Routes platform launched for avid foodie travellers

For those who want to find out where they can wine, dine and recline at the click of a button, while travelling around South Africa, the newly launched Food Routes platform is ideal. It has also identified a selection of top dining experiences in South Africa, including some of the DStv Eat Out Top 10 restaurant superstars of South Africa.
"It is not just another booking portal. It is an expressway to an array of wine and food adventures across the country and if you are seeking gastronomic encounters and excursions during your travels, then Food Routes is your perfect culinary conductor," explains Riaan Kruger, co-founder of Food Routes.

Matching personality to destination

It has now also introduced a food forensic tool called 'Culinary Sensibility Identities' (CSI), which serves as an online evaluation process in which the traveller can compare and match his own unique culinary personality profile to that of a compatible destination.

"Research in the world of food travel has shown that often the reason behind a disappointing culinary experience is the lack of knowledge as to the preferences and expectations of the diner and making sure that the destination's culinary concept and execution is a good match for that diner."

The 12 distinct CSI featured on the Food Routes site enable the culinary conscious traveller to discover his own dining preferences to ensure a most enjoyable experience, for the diner as well as the establishment. Whether you are a Daredevil, Locavore or an Authentic, the outcome of the evaluation steers you in the right direction when planning your next holiday trip.

"South Africa ranks right up there with the world's top foodie destinations when it comes to quality, innovation and diversity - from authentic artisan producers and must-visit micro breweries to fresh farm markets and awarded restaurants," concludes Kruger.

The website features a map and route planner, monthly chef chitchats, recipes, best festivals and markets and a Table Talk blog. For more information, go to www.foodroutes.co.za.
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