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Third Industrial Revolution: DevOps leads the way for digital transformation

The Third Industrial Revolution has begun and optimum use of digital infrastructure and massive databases floating around us are the decisive factors for competitive advantage...

If you're already a part of this progressive thinking, you would not say that I am exaggerating.

This happens to be one of the most creative times your business, large or small, would have witnessed. New or small businesses using enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions, are and can rely on pre-existing digital infrastructures to springboard their own business models.

Established firms or large businesses can reinvent themselves. Considered tangible, software development companies offer solutions, which are customised and delivered as a service with evolved cost structure and no expiry date - the best thing that you can expect.

DevOps for digital transformation
DevOps for digital transformation

Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower, Steve Jobs expressed himself brilliantly. Companies can progress only if they are constantly thinking about the future - how to progress, adapt to new trends and enhance ROI - Return on Investments. Leaders are the ones who should identify these trends, well in advance. They are also responsible to incorporate them into their business. This may be one of the reasons why all eyes are focused on the NextGen digital transformation, initiated and fulfilled by DevOps.

Yes, DevOps - the execution of tasks where Operations and Software Development teams participate together, from software design to development and then production support; i.e. across the service lifecycle.

Emerging technologies such as IoT, cloud and Big Data, coupled with digital information, have opened up avenues for significantly transforming the data centers. It has brought about a 3600 change in today's IT infrastructure. Led by this new digital infrastructure, businesses are not letting off a single opportunity to gain that competitive advantage - by moving faster, improvised customer services and pioneering as never before. Perhaps that's the main reason why Gartner suggests that nearly 75% of all businesses will become or prepare to become a digital business - by 2020.

But believe me, this transformation in order to succeed, needs a software development service provider, with a totally new set of approach and mentality. DevOps, the revolutionary software development method, emphasises more communication and sharing more information than ever, as well as automation and measurement. This new practice emphasizes collaboration and interdependency between software development teams, operations and multi-layered software quality assurance. This empowers and enables high-quality products and services. DevOps adoption by 80 percent of the Global 1000 by year 2019 is what IDC estimates, which I think is a clear indication of the increasing popularity.

Cloud-based infrastructure is benefiting increasing number of businesses in terms of speed - flexibility and convenient usage to empower their DevOps velocity. Teams are consistently attaining cost, operational and process efficiencies through unified alliance between several stakeholders - and all these to leverage cloud infrastructure and bring in changes that can turn tables. And, all this is possible only due to that so called life line of the digital transformation journey, the Cloud DevOps, which includes anything and everything starting initial strategy development to ongoing execution and measurement as well.

The increasing impact of DevOps processes in our everyday work life is clearly visible. It offers a flexible, streamlined application development, as well as deployment and operations. Software is transforming the world using modern IT platforms, and accelerating software development of segments like Enterprise Solutions without compromising on operational efficiencies. The digital transformation is all about us and is due to us; and for this, businesses need to move quickly and capture opportunities.

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Chirag Shivalker is a Head of Content Management Team at Hi-Tech ITO, one of the leading software development and outsourcing firms in India.

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